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Great start to the day

Woke up this morning feeling like death as hubby has given me his horrible virus and there was a letter from ATOS saying I have to go for a medical. They have given me an appointment for 10h May at 9am (want me there by 8.50). The centre is nowhere near where I live and even if hubby is prepared to take time off work to drive me down there god only knows how long it would take at that time of day. Needless to say there is no car park, and the nearest one (if it isn't full) is at least ten minutes walk away

Presumably that's the first test! If you can drag yourself out of bed to spend one hour plus in rush hour traffic and then walk from the car park you're fit to go to work!!!!!!

So I phoned up and hung on and on and on till I got to speak to someone and said no way could I get there for that time and quite possibly would not be able to walk from the car park. I said that I was not prepared to ask my husband to take a day off to get me there. So I now have to ask my long suffering doctor to fax them to say that I am not in a fit state to go their centre and request a home assessment.

It is a complete farce - I am 60 next month and was retired from my teaching job

11 yrs ago on medical grounds. I will be due my pension in two years time. So who in their right minds would employ me at my age with all my various conditions.

I don't believe anyone reads these forms - does anyone get away with no medical?


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hi it always amazes me how they can detemine your health and how you are in 15 mins most of which is talking to you the other 5 mins quick tap on your knee cap with a metal hammer well you all know what i mean then they say yes you can work or no you cant pity they dont follow you home and see you the next day how you are in so much pain with the efort of the day before lol love to you diddle x


Hiya Caroline, it doesnt make sense does it, especially when there are so many younger, fitter unemployed people looking for work. Good on you for asking for a home visit though.

When I got my date for a medical through a few months ago it was in Cardiff when there is a centre in Newport which is much closer to where I live. The excuse they give for this is when they put your postcode into their computer it doesn't register Newport. Duh, cant someone just update their computer then?? There are a lot of people travelling to Cardiff as they dont realise there is a centre in Newport.

Hope everything goes well for you. Take care, Angela xx


I hate the baskets, they're so coniving and two faced, it does'nt matter how nice they seem, they always try and trick you out.


Am getting as many letters from my hospital appointments as I can - and there a quite a few!!! And then if I think there any missing I can ask my doctor for them. I'm seeing him next week to ask for a letter saying I need a home visit and hope he will give me one - he is usually pretty good.

When I spoke to the guy making the appointments I got the feeling that he was expecting me to phone my doctor straight away and get him to fax a letter straight away! Willing to bet I will get a call early next week asking where the letter is!

As you say Angela it makes no sense whatsoever when there are so many young people looking for work.

Will keep you posted...



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