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You are going to love this after eating some carrot cake earlier i done a pizza for my daughter for her tea buyt i didnt really feel like much so just had crakers and cup of tea as i have had pain all over all day you know how it is you have all got it at the min

anyway i popped out for 5 mins to take my doggy and my mobile rang it was my daughter to say my dad was there so i went back home to find my mum had made me a good old fashioned JAM ROLY POLY :) :) it was absolutely lush myself and my daughter demolished it between us

Just for those few mins my pain seemed to pale into significance lol

dont you jus love it when your mum/nan does that ?????

love diddle xxx

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i love sweet stuff is it a fibro thing . ive put 6 pounds on since diagnosis 3 months x


Yes I am pretty convinced that it is and I read a scientific paper that seemed to agree with this idea.


I find that prosecco has the same effect! hehe...


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