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Should have known better really !!!!

Well the day I long awaited for came. After seeing my GP she referred me to the local hospital who apparently 'specialised' in arrived early for appointment at 8:20 (appointment at 9) hoping to get a cuppa chance woman behind the counter couldn't sprt out the hot water. So trundled down to the main cafe which wasn't open until 9!! o.k so didn't raise to the bait I was going to be helped by this 'specialist'. 9am came and went as did 9:30am, now call me old fashioned but if a clinic starts at 9am then close to the time would be good to be seen. Finally at 9:55am after seizing up on their very uncomfortable chairs off to see this demi god of a specialist. 20mins later..guess what???? I have tell me something I didn't know...oh yes...self help is the way forward. Know your pain/limitations and act accordingly. No miracle cure, keep up with the same painkillers etc........OVER 2 HOURS IN THAT HOSPITAL TO FIND OUT I HAVE FIBRO......OH SORRY SHE DID GIVE ME A LEAFLET.....Apparently its all down to stress..............WELL GUESS WHAT IF IT IS YOU AREN'T HELPING DOC !!!!!

So the result of today I know exactly the same as I did over 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed......Dr's haven't got a clue what causes it, what helps it and how to deal with patients with it...I am livid. In future they can keep their leaflets and leave me alone...

Sorry for being grumpy but if my hands didn't hurt so much I would punch something.


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oh gaynor what an awful day :(

dont appologise for being grumpy i think you have every right to be

makes me angry just reading your blog ,

really feel for you gentle hugs xxxxx


A lot of ahem *specialists* in the field of Fibro are just lucky that fibromites don't have the energy to whack them over the head with the uncomfortable chair that we are in-veritably made to sit in for endless periods of time while they play catch up or decide they really need a long coffee break before thinking of starting to y'know work!!


You didn't have a great start to your day Gaynor, its frustrating having to wait a long time over your appointment time especially when you make the effort to get there early. It was pants not being able to have a cuppa while you were waiting though!!.

I guess by now you are as much of an expert on fibro as many of the people giving you the advice so keep on doing what it is you are doing and keep well. Take care, love Angela xx


Don't feel as annoyed today you will all be glad to hear, so no more moaning from me....well until the next time. Think it was probably the fact that I didn't have a cuppa rather than the specialist (I use the term losely) yesterday, if I don't have my tea I can be rather on edge. :-)

My poor hubby yesterday was glad to go off to work, think he was a little concerned as to if I was going to do anyone injury as he kept ringing me to see if I was alright and if work was

Well one good thing about fibro as I don't sleep I was able to get up early this morning and spend sometime with hubby on his birthday before we went off to work. Off to the Lakes tomorrow night for his birthday weekend (he is like the Queen his birthday gets celebrated over a number of days)....think it'll rain????????????? must find my wellies tonight now that should be fun walking in them....


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