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What a day!!!

Oh what a day,

This is the 6th day of my so called flare up, I never quite understand "flare up" especially when I'm in pain each day and it basically gets worse as the day goes on, but I am worse than usual, and that all started from sitting still for nearly 2hours last week, whilst trying to take in and learn the art of mindfullness, (to help with my fm)

I'm never very good at listening to myself, especailly when I'm sitting and resting and feeling not too bad at all, then I decided to try and do something small but it seems to be a mistake and I'm back to the start, you'd think I would of learnt by now!

Fingers crossed I'll learn quickly and look after me,

Hope every one else is feeling well xxx

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Aw so sorry traylou your having a bad day. :(

I too sometimes do stupid stuff that send me into so much pain, its hard to know what to do isnt?

I wish i could just be normal like everyone else, who can cook a decent dinner and not have to go to bed early as your in agony or so tired. Hanging the washing out is a killer and somepeople do it umpteens time a day.

Its hard to look after me isnt it?

I hope you pick up soon, hugs, kel xxxx


yes it is hard to look after yourself with fibro isnt it ,

one week you may beable to do somthing which is quite strenuous and the next week

you go to do somthing really silly, which is not as strenuous as before and you bed bound for the rest of the day ,or suffering for ages

hope you feel beter soon xxxx


so sorry you having bad day love diddle x


Thanks all of you

Your all totally right, no wonder its so hard to determine what you can and cant do, especially when its always changing day to day if not hour by hour.

Its nice to know were not alone + yes its all normal and everyone understands and thats so nice and warming to know

<3 <3 <3


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