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I have my positive head on today! (i think)

Good morning to all you lovely people!

Well - i am in a strange sort of aura today. My hubby is at work, my 8yo son is quietly playing, my 10yo daughter is away on her first residential school trip. My house is not just quiet, but peaceful and serene.

Im thinking about my life, where i started, where ive been and where i still want to go. i have had a really bad few weeks with pain but today feel lifted.

i often think about friends and family who are no longer with us, but when i see white feathers floating around like i have this morning i know i have nothing to fear. they are looking after me so i can be happy. i know i can speak about my pain to my loved ones, friends and family alike and know i will not be judged.

The feathers come from angels wings. which comfort me.

I send each and every one of you a virtual white feather, so that you may too feel lifted.

with love


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Aw thats so lovely Westgate, sending white feathers back to you too. Love Angela xx


aw that is a lovelty thing to give you comfort i have heard that before about the white feather thing and last august my nanny passed away suddenlty 2 days after she passed i was in the garden and a feather floated down it was really weird i picked it up and i wondered if it was a sign of something so i am with you on that ands you enjoy the serenity love diddle x


Hi Westgate,

I am so pleased that you are feeling uplifted today. I too have this happen to me and often if I am felling down I see white feathers before me and I really do feel that I have my Angel watching over me.

Gentle hugs x x x


Not sure why this popped up but needed it so thanks.


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