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Sorry nbeen off line all day wen to see my daughter and 2 grandsons i took my daughters car that is up for sale as mine needed new ht leads which partner got whilst i was out ! anyway had 30 min drive to be greeted by 2 little men wanting the net guard put round their trampoline so the 3 of us my 2 daughters and i put the poles up and the net so they could bounce away at there herarts content then it teemed it down so we ran inside

then the wii fit came out they maybe only 4 ansd 2 but they put me to shame with the conyrols off they went prssing this and that and playing all sorts of games

then they looked at me come on nanny you do it i was shatered but i had to have a little go they done a chopping game so my arms were shot after 2 mins then a header gamwe with a football so the head and neck went then a skiing game o that was the hips and legs gone lol so then after that i had to drive 30 mins home my daughter couldnt drive as she not insured fr it anymore my partner got trader insurance so i can drive anything that he has on it

anyway i am now washed out my arms are killing me my legs are too and hips lol

but it made them all laugh and they say thats the best medicine

love to you diddle x h

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yes that is so true it is worth the pain but mi have got to take stock and be sensible about things it jus hard to admit and accept isnt it love to you diddle x


Hi. I think it is something we all have to except. We all know if we over do it we will suffer later on, but why let fibro rule our lives. Well done Diddle, I am glad you had a great day but are suffering now. Hugs xxxxxxxx


Gosh, just re read this. I mean I am glad you had a great day but am sad that you are suffering now xxxxxxxxx


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