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I was doing ok til !!

well I thought i was doing quite well today but then the shopping came, I have put it all away I really struggled and now I am in agony my whole body is throbbing and the pain is so bad taken another tramadol so hoping that will take the edge off and since my episode of pain and my disatorous trip to hospital due to gallstones/hernia a week ago everytime I eat my stomach hurts i feel full after only a mouthful. i just feel dreadful sorry just had to have a moan to people who understand xx

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you moan away , thats what we are here for :)

i hope you feel better soon and the tramodol takes the edge off hun

gentle hugs xxx


thank you lynz just want to cry i hurt so much but thanks for the hugs xx


I understand exactly what you mean. I woke up with a bit of energy and limited pain this morning despite lack of sleep, and was ready to get things done. Was doing ok until i started mowing the lawn(bearing in mind i have a really good easy mower) and halfway through my back seized up completely. Had to leave the mower out for my son to put away, made it indoors, had to take tramadol and diazepam. Has taken the edge off but still sat in office chair as need to sit up straight. Getting numbe bum so may try for early night lol.

I hope you get some rest and feel better soon.

Gentle hugs for you x


Thanks Kia I just cant believe just putting the shopping away can have this effect I hope you get a reasonable night and your pain eases too gentle hugs back xx


Sory fairylady :(

thinks will get better wen you have it out .

if you can deal with fibro you can deal with having your gallblader out

and that way you will have one least pain to think about .

i will keep my fingers crossed for you .

sending soft hugs from me to you :)


oh dear, its awful really, we have these little energy bursts,(well more a little whimper ,than a burst!) then we use it, and end up in agony, no one can ever say we dont try! love and hugs to all. xxx


hi and you moan we all have our days ans you are entitled to moan on here we are all here for you love diddle x


thank you everyone I am sure once my gallstones are sorted or had an op it will be 1 less thing to worry about, I had a terrible night and feel shattered today so I am just going to relax today and only doing jacket potatoes for tea so thats easy lol Hope you are all not to bad today

luv and gentle hugs to you all xx


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