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oops may have dopne way too much

started off thursday thought id sort kitchen and conservatory out as youngest son moving into conservatory,then had to clean an elderly ladies kitchen and bathroom out wasnt a big job but lots of bending and stretching, took dogs out for long walk then had to move the horses into another fiel to rest the one they are in at the moment.

had a rest in afternoon thenfelt i could do a bit more so went and poo picked old field then ragwort picked the new field!

got home and suffered!! couyldnt feel anything in my fingers felt like being stabbed wirth needles and the whole body hurt, i think i slept last night not sure as still feel exhausted.

i know i shouldnt have done all that and have made myself worse BUT im so peed off with not being able to do anything i used to do!

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Hi Ang

gosh that was a lot no wonder you are suffering. : (

Rest up for the weekend and hopefully pain will ease.

Gentle hugs. xx


i know i get like that too and the thing is they are such silly things arent they things you should not have tot thin twice about i dont know no wonder we all have our rants on here love to you diddle x


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