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Anyone live near me wanna meet up and chat support each other?


I'd love to be able to meet up with anyone/ or more than one person to sit and chat to be able to support each other with FMS.

I don't know anyone in my surrounding area and feel so alone with this horrible condition. I still work part time but would love to chat with others. I'm 49 yrs old.

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Where are you from Lucy? x

Oh Sussex.....sorry I am Dorset, otherwise I would have offered xx

Oops foggy head today, I live in Hove, near Brighton. I feel desperate to meet people like me. Are there any support groups near to me, I will be happy to travel a bit if I need to.

LEPP in reply to Lucyw

Hi Lucy just joined and I hope you got a lot of new friends by now as I am trying to do

If only i have wings to be there,i will fly to get just too far and miles away..hope someone would be able to meet up with u atleast..i feel for u lucyw :-(

Sorry lucy i would of loved to but i am in cumbria. :(

kel xxx

That support group sounds great for you.....I bet there are lots of people in your area who suffer. Could you ask friends on Facebook, that's if you are on it,,just a little thought xx

If you are on facebook there is a group you can join called fibromyalgia England. It's a closed group so I can add you if you become my fb friend first and then maybe there will be someone who lives near you that you can meet up with. Let me know if you want to join xx

Lucyw in reply to Belle67

Yes please invite me Lucy Weston on Facebook thanks x

Lucy search on engine for fibromyalgia groups in your should find one ,most area have one.

hugs xxx


Hi would love to but live in Lowestoft suffolk but looks like you have been given lots of help with other blogs so good luck with it love diddle x

I'm in Sussex... Do you know uckfield/crowborough?

Yes I do know crow borough but a bit far for me but thanks :)

I am in Boston Lincs, living on state pension and pension credit; husband out of work for 3 years, so life in tough. All the best, lovely. I want a friend too!

Hi Lucy :) I live in Kent on the Kent and Sussex border....I would like to meet up with someone who knows the same feelings...people that don't have this illness don't understand what we go through!!! Perhaps we could meet half way...I don't drive - do you? If not, there is always the good old train!! lol

Take care, softhugs * smile *


Hi lucy and everyone else. I have joined a lot of sites in the hope of making a friend or friends with fibro to meet up with etc for support, but although made some lovely friends none near me in swindon, and thats a bit far for me to travel as well. Sounds like you may get lucky though. Gentle hugs xx

hi lucy i live in lancing not far from you if you fancy a meet up sometime.

I'm near Peterlee, County Durham, so not much help, but if anyone in my area fancies a meet, please get in touch.



We’re do you live honey


O I’m Essex so I missed out to 😎😎

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