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Best consultant ever!

I have the best conultant ever in Dr Vinod Patel at the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton.

He prescribed me gabapentin in increasing doses up to 900mg. However, I have been struggling , spoke to my gp who decided she didnt know but well try taking a bit more. I went up to 1200mg, but knew I was rapidly approaching the max dose he had told me to go to. So today I left a message with his secretary asking what should I do? She told me he is in clinic all day but would try to call me tomorrow.

Within 15 minutes this wonderful man rang me back personally, told me what to change the dose to, said dont worry, theres plenty of scope on the gabapentin yet, keep going on the new dosage and keep him informed.

It has taken me longer to relay this information back to my gp, than it took him to reassess me, prescribe the new dosage and reasaure me all i ever had to do was ring him.

If anyone gets a chance to be referred to this man, then please do. He has been absolutely wonderful. He is an ME specialist and has treated me for fibro as part of the ME

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Hi julieru,

What a nice doctor he sounds, i am so pleased for you. :)

I have a ME specialist too and he is the best doctor i have found to, he has handed me over to a team of different people. My first appointment is on the 12th so i cant wait to see what they can do to help me.

kel xxx


Hi so glad you feel you are getting somewhere and not wading throught treacle like some i am lucky my Gp is excellent but nice for otherds if they are near to him love diddle x


Lovely story.... I hope you start to feel better soon on your increased dose. xx


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