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Justto let you know that im feeling sort of better but still struggling to sleep and even get comfy during the day and night and my pain relief is doing nothing for me went to gps today saw a useless person saying that i needed to see a doctor as the receptionist booked me in to see a nurse who hadnt got a clue so still going to have to struggle with this pain which has become unbearable now and no doctors availiable till this time next week grrrrrr

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Hi i do hope that you get to see a really sympathetic Gp who can get you on the right meds and hopefully you can feel a little better love to you diddle . by the way at my Gp you can call and get an emeregency appt do they have that facillity at your Gp then you could get to se someone this week instead of waiting love to you diddle x


Hi David so glad you posted as have been worried and thinking about you that was bad luck seeing a nurse and not a Dr you really do need need help and make sure they know it they are there to treat you and get paid well for doing so, stand up for yourself and make sure you are taking seriously how about printing some info off and taking it to whom you see it may help,keeep us posted and take care.

Hugs Ruby xx


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