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Morning All

Today is a better day (can't say good as still in pain and exhausted), but better than I have felt in the last week! I think a lot of it has to do with the better weather!

I'm still going to take things fairly easy (don't really have a choice)

Hope everyone has a nice fairly painfree day

gentle hugs xx

spoke to soon - after doing some light housework yesterday morning and then having lunch with my boys at their school (which I had to queue for 20 minutes) I could hardly walk after leaving the school. I got in my car and cried I was in so much pain, I then had to force myself to get out of my car so that I could get inside my home and take some painkillers which done nothing - didnt even touch the edge of my pain.

This morning I am moving slightly easier, but still in a lot of pain and now feeling very sorry for myself, which I know is not going to help!!

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iam glad you feeling much better :)

bring on more sunshine we hope :)


Morning tinkz, glad you feel a bit better than last week. Here's to the better weather!!! :)

Hugs xx


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