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dont want to go to bed :(

dont want to go to bed :( i know im not going to have a good night ,i know staying positive is better but somtimes you just cant help being an old moaner .

just cant face laying there being in pain ,then dropping off just for my husband to come home from a night on the town to wake me up.

he will fall asleep instantly and i will lay there listening to him snore :(

night all ,hope you have sweet dreams and a pain free good nights sleep ( i know fat chance lol)xxxxx gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

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Bless ya little heart, I know its crap, but at least we all know how each other feels and we can moan away and no one judges, hope you get some well deserved sleep xx


we just replied to each others blogs how mad lol tc susan :) xxxxxxxxxxx


nearly at the same time i meen ,i really need to go to bed dont i , im talking rubbish :)


Aw we all know how you feel love to you Diddle x


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