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Its Saturday, Loads to do but no Energy to do it :)

Hi All, once again saturday arives, Mrs C has a list of jobs for the both of us to do but as usual thanks to our old friend Fibro, I just dont have the energy to do anything, we need to go shopping for food and stuff, Then its back home to clean and take photos of all the parts of a caravn that we need to sell on Ebay, Then its back into the house to start cleaning, Then we have to decide who is cooking this evening before we venture out into town to go and watch my Brothers Rock band...

I am shatterd already and all i have done is write this blog.... :)

Hope you all have a great day


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Good luck with that Chorley! Have a good time tonight


Hope you have a fun night out and no rock'n'roll dancing lol. I was wondering if you do grocery online shopping, i have found it a great help when i am out of order so to speak!! sorry if it sounds like stating the obvious. Take care, & gentle hugs....rock on!!!


hope you have a good day :) it made me tired out just imagining trying to do all that lol


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