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Morning All

I open my eyes every morning & think Has it gone, wonder if I am better. Will I be able to walk the Welsh mountains again. Use my bike again. Walk around the shops again & enjoy it & not have to worry about needing a wee & wearing blasted Tennas.

My teeth are grateing today cos I am at my poor daughters who is going thro a bad ime, but selfishly want to go home cos I need my own sofa & bed. Terrible isnt it. Trying not to feel ill but we can only keep it up for so long then then I get short tempered & snappy & just want to be on my own.

Hate the person I am now. Home tomorrow but have a 5 hour drive home.

Gentle Hugs to all. Take Care. XXXXXXXXXX

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you are not selfish for wanting to be on your own, but i bet the thought of that long drive is wanting part of you to stay! Thats where i love my little camper cos i can curl up on the sofa/bed anytime i need a break (providing there is a layby near of course and i dont need so many tennas cos there is a loo Hope the journey is not too arduous. xx


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