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Planning The book

Good morning to all of me fibro friends :)

Well i am starting to plan my idea for my book, how to start it,how to lay it out and what to include, The idea is for a book all about Fibromyalgia, what is known about it, how I as a preson suffer with it and how my family deal living with me as a sufferer, i also wnat to include stories from other people who suffer with fibro,funny stories,sad stories and personal stories, No names will be used so that all are protected :)

As i have never attempted to write a book this could take a long time hahahaha, my end goal will be a book for everybody to read highliting how people live with fibro, i hope it will also help people who live with sombody who suffers with fibro to understand and gain advise how to help deal with it :)

SO lets see how it goes, i am looking forward to receiving your imput.


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Oh thats good will send you some more stuff via messages , about how i have changed/family life/daily living etc the other other stuff was maybe how i got to this ?????????. good Luck and yes it will take a while as you have got to get it right, love to you and yours Diddle x


Cheers Diddle :)


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