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hand control issues

I've noticed that my handwriting has gotten very bad. Very jerky and stiff. Anything with loops are just scratchy lines now. Also while typing it seems that my fingers no longer do what they're told. Very jerky repetative movements. Mostly I have to back space and retype. For instance I can not use a mouse well as I cannot click just once, my finger will click over and over again. I never gave it a thought to be my fibro but could it be?

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I have smiliar problems with my hands and find holding a pen or writing for any length of time incredibly difficult which is frustrating as i enjoy art and now i restricted to doing very little due to the pain, unfortunately I am told its just another symptom of Fibro.....perserverance and not giving up on the things you do, even if its only for a fraction of the time stops the cycle from becoming worse........xxxxx


i too have the same problem with tendonitis and again today have worn bandages they are not too tight but do help with support, then i can cope as normal. tomorrow they will prob be fine


I am the same, I used to have lovely handwriting, but now it looks like a spider has been dipped in ink. I have lumps all over my fingers on every joint, each side. I am constantly dropping things, so far this week I have broken 2 mugs, 1 plate and spilled a whole jar of Nescafe gold coffee over the floor.


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