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Fell asleep on sofa !!!!!

Great i was dropping off all night last night on the sofa my partner kept nudging me (only as he wanted me to sleep later when i went to bed ) but he went at 11 and up i litereally drag myself up the stairs and fall into bed again literally fall. Got myself comfortable (ha ha i wish!) and there i was til 5 am tossing turning moving this cushion there and that cushion here, needles to say i prob had an hour to hour and half of disturbed sllep (great) so now at 5 am i stagger down the stairs my arms feel like lead weights i cant lift them up hardly yoday i am struggling to do this (violin now please) but it ok i will battle on ! any way i am absolutely worn out i am not doing anything today i will put my tracksuit on (only so i can take dog to top of road and back) cant really go out in my pink all in one siut in middle of day but believe me i would if i could. and thats it i really cant be doing anything else it so windy here today too so that dont help with the jelly legs. thank god i went to the housing office yesterday, i cant believe that just sorting out a car battery and going to housing office and having 2 hours with my sister yesterday(just sitting) has done this too mee????????? but there you go, you all take care love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

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