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A poem about fibro.. hope it helps to let ur family understand how u feel

Imagine never feeling good, when you know of no reason not to feel good.

Imagine feeling pain in multiple areas of your body for no apparent reason.

Imagine feeling like your verbal and motor skills are impaired when they were fine a minute ago.

Imagine feeling like you have missed sleep for a week when you have just gotten out of bed.

Imagine something going wrong with your body everyday, when you have done nothing out of the ordinary.

Imagine having uncontrollable shakes and tremors and shocks of pain run through you, and disappear as quickly as they came; leaving you awaiting their return.

Imaging having to live a "normal" life in society, yet knowing your abnormalities will mess that up for you anytime of any day.

Imagine striving to be the best Mother and Wife you could be and being left to feel useless many times over awaiting to feel normal again.

You have now imagined what it is like to be me. I live with Fibromyalgia.

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diane63 thats so good, so. what a fab and clear way to explain.well done u.


meant to say - thats so good, do true.


er so true. sorry on my phone blinking touch screen x


glad u enjoyed.. a friend gave me it years ago.. but thought since this is a fibro site it might help others explain to family ect xxx


AWWWWW that is really good well done you it is exactly what we all think and feel you shouldd get it published in fibro mag or medical jpurnal well done you take care and love and soft hugs diddle xxx


thats so good but you made my mascara run lol well done i shall get my family to read this xxx


Diane that is so good,

i will maybe put that on my facebook page and all my family can see it.

If you dont mind.

kel xxx


I would like to share this on my facebook page to if you don't mind. It is a very good at explaining how we feel. Thanks


Thats fantastic!!


That is wonderful, well done........you've said what we all feel, do you mind if I share on my FB page ?

Gentle hugs, Nance.x


This is a fantastic poem...you have said everything and more !! hope you dont mind if i copy it and can hand it to people who ask how i am..thanks soft hugs xxx


You describes so much of what we go through every day. It's a heartfelt poem. Thank you for sharing. And I'm sorry you have had these troubles. Every day is a struggle one way or another. I'm getting tired of listening to myself talk about it to others. Cause every day it's something else bothering me.


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