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well have had a few good days think my anti d are now kicking in still in pain but im happy lol! but the stress keeps coming and coming! hubby had to get up at 5 on thurs morning to go to work but 2 drunken kids thought it would be funny shouting loudly and making noise in alley in our close right outside a frail old mans house. anyway my daughter knew them and asked them to movve actually she went out twice to ask them to move which they then were vervally abusive to her so hubby went out and asked nicely then was jumped on by the really drunk kid to cut along story short police eventually turned up 15 mins later having travelled 5 miles to get to us!! arrest him at his house and hes know going to court cos of our neighbours staement as a witness.

that was bad enough but yesterday eve i went to drop son off at cadets and the boys mother turned up having a go at my daughter calling her a liar! so back on phone to police and she was warned about witness intimadation.

then i foind out my edest son and girlfried (both 18) are expecting a baby!!!!!

so yes im coping with pain but could really do without the stress, no point in shouting the odds at the kids whats done is done will have to support them gonna be hard as he has bipolar but so far hes better with the meds hes on !

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OMG that is so much stress you are having to deal with. Not good for fibro at all.

I always get thruogh stress and then few days later i end up in agony and not well, so just be careful. easier said than done though ehh.

I like my happy days too.

kel xxx


first i hope your hubby and daughter are ok thats not nice what happened and as for the mother thats awful. Your son well he is 18 and its not the best situation but it could be worse, my daughter was on pill and got pregnant with her partner they were planning to rent house get married kids but did not work out that way, there was alot of arguing as they had to rush and get a house and furnish it and get all the baby stuff and take into account a wage less a month but after alot of stress etc my darling 1st Grandson was born and if nothing else makes you smile and make all your stresses and strains go away the 1st time you look into your new Grandchilds eyes will . No matter what sort of day i am having or how much pain i am in as soon as those little boys( she went on to have another little boy) walk through and say Nanny thats it nothing else matters, they are 2 and 4 and the light of my life. It could be worse they both 18 my friends daughter was 15??!!! but again the whole family pulled togerther and got through it. Things happen for a reason and we all have stepping stones in our lives that we walk on and sometimes the path is not nice and leads us to horrible things and other times we have a nice path but we always come out of it and that little baby will bring so much joy it will be unreal. Try to relax whats done is done go have a lovely hot bath and chill out and as for the court thing well lucky for you ,you have got a witness so all in your favour and the woman has messed up her sons case by approaching your daughter, they will be punished and so they should but in all this make sure you look after yourself. you take care and best get those knitting needles out love and soft hugs Diddle x


hi angie i wish i could do something to make your current situation better. You have so much on your plate. Like diddle and christine say, a new grandchild will take your mind off things. i do hope all this stress you r having with your daughter and son in law gets sorted, they have witnesses and the truth always wins. tc and be well xxx


thanks for all your comments just had a letter today from the courts saying he is in court a week monday we dont have to attend but may have to at later date depends if he pleads guilty or not but they have charged him with a section 4 and have done this from a witness staement from a neighbour who heard and saw it all.

to day ive been sleeping most of afternoon and think all this is catching up with me as i hurt maily in my back hip elbow and my hands are swollen and figers feel like they are broken!

but i love this site i can lert off stem about my probs without anyone gossiping about me and learn new stuff from ou all,sorry about my tyoing fingers are hurting


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