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Even the dog must hate fibro!!!!!!!

well after another night of up/down and pain and NO sleep i dragged myself down to kitchen at 5 am and my poor lil dog curled up jus peeped at me with 1 eye as he saw his lead ready to be hooked on i think he had a thought bubble above his head "give me a break,let me have lay in!!!" and so i take him for a walk(well 5 mins) if you can call it a walk stumbling about as if i had killer heels on (i was actually wearing flat boots) and then get in and resist take any tablets and try to wait at least 2 hours and thats it really looks like another fibro day(perhaps i could turn that into a song????) what do you think anyone fancy creating a band???? lo (joke) i dont know where my humour comes from sometimes at this time of the morning after a painful night and no sleep but there you go better than sitting there crying which i could do and every so often i do . oh well i hope you all have a good day and just so you know the lil doggy is now curled up on a chair sound asleep(lucky him) take care and love and soft hugs Diddle x

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yeah thats right but no arguing who is going to be what in the band!!!!!!!! would look funny in comcert hough all of us with our different ailments for that day could be on to a winner here lets see who signs up ? oh and by the way I am the singer(nah nah nah nah nah !!!) lol only joking we can pick straws. have a good day love and soft hugs xxxdiddle x


WOO woo i am the leader of the band lol i will sing dancing queen as the first song wont be able to dance much but hay will shimmy around a bit . you can play drums or jus clap along think it would really tke off and loving the name the fibronic band woo we would be a real smash anyone else interested in joining???? had ok day in pain but whats new there lol enjoy your evening and love and soft hugs to you and dont forget it band practice every day ? 1 dont be late lol love Diddle xxx


Humour is great! As for a band - you'd have to count me out - tone deaf and the only instrument I played was the recorder!!!

My dog loves it when I am in pain, he just snuggles up to me and keeps me warm and he seems to know when I am bad cos then he doesn't lie on me but round me! Strange!! He is a rescue Rottie cross lab and is soo loving. Keeps me going!

Good luck with the tour!!!



Lol well we could always use a recorder?! and you could shimmy at the back a bit? leave it with you? tried to get wembly but fully booked never mind perhaps next year ? love and soft hugs diddle x


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