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From the age of about 12 i became aware of my feet hurting no matter what shoes sandals etc i put on my feet. Then platform shoes came into fashion (im talking 70s platforms) and for the first time i felt like i was walking on air.

i remember my teenage to early 20s putting on a pair of heels and going out only for me to end up with said shoes in my hands because my feet were crippling me.

I realised that for me to walk comfortable i needed foot wear that had a sole of at least a quarter of an inch or more. i've tried so many different types of footware over the years, trainers were okay. Then out came tone-up trainers. wow there great, can walk for ages without foot pain (yeah i get back and leg pain but hey my feet dont hurt)

Then Avon came out with tone-up slippers, oh what joy they are for my feet nearly a whole inch of sole on them,I've also got the sandals and for next winter the boots.

i look at all the fashion shoes and think, look nice but oh the pain i would be in if i asttempted them. I have so many shoes only worn once and then shoved in a cupboard never to see the light of day again.

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lol i have got killer heels on boots and shoes in my wardrobe bought them thinking will wear them one day! me think not now. I wear flat shoes/boots all the time or sometimes i will wear a heel but its wedge or really chunky my legs are like jelly enough as it is without putting pair stilts on lol. you take care and glad you found comfort at the end of day thats all we all want dont matter what form it comes in as long as its comfortable and helps thats the key. love and soft hugs Diddle x


Hi both, I've never been able to wear heels, they always killed the balls of my feet in adidtion to the fact that I simply can't walk in the things. So I've been wearing no-heel flatties for years - platforms/brothel creepers for a while in the 90's - but I prefer a thick sole that also gives me a bit of height. About 10 or so years ago I discovered this website - - and have been buying my shoes from them ever since. The Earth range is what I go for - I have boots, sandals, slippers - they are really well made and I still have pairs that I bought in 1999!!! They are also incredibly comfortable to wear and help to realign posture based on negative heel technology - the website explains that - I would recommend them to anyone with fibro, they really are fantastic. I've even had people stop me in the street to ask where I get my boots from. Well worth checking out!


I used to love heels but I now live in Fit flops ' gogh' they are great :) I buy from 'Cloggs' x


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