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Duloxetine & Pregabalin Information

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Hi Everyone,

I spoke to my GP this morning for some help with pain in my feet, ankles wrists & shoulders as it's getting much worse. He has offered me either Duloxetine or Pregabalin & told me to look into both on NHS website & decide for myself which I would prefer. Has anyone had either of these & has it helped? Are there any side effects?

Thank you

35 Replies
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Hi, I've been on Pregabalin for several years with no problems other than weight gain. Doesn't take pain away but reduces it enough for me to manage it. I couldn't tolerate duloxetine

Everyone is different in how they react to medications, so only way to find out which works best for you may be to try one or the other

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I too have bad side effects from Duloxetine. I've been on Pregablin for about 11 years and it certainlyhas helped the burning, shooting pains that I have. I haven't put on weight but I do have to try and be quite strict with myself as it seems to have given me a sweet tooth which I never had before. Hooe whatever oneyou decide on works for you.

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I've been on Gabapentin and Pregabalin (same drug different generic name) for a number of years, I've never had duloxetine so can only comment on the above.

I find Pregabalin takes the edge off the pain, it enables me to carry on working ( my job is quite physical), I run my home, walk my dog, play with my grandchildren etc.

Yes I get tired, yes some days it hurts beyond comprehension, but you need to find what works for you and find the level that means you can stop it from taking over your life...x

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Janecc12 in reply to catcalling

Don't want to be pedantic but, they are not the same. They are from the same family of drugs and yes can help with pain, especially Pregabalin.

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Mrdiagnosis in reply to Janecc12

These two drugs are similar they are both from the GABA type of drugs that do very similar things . Pregabalin is a cleaner drug . Which basically means less side effects less harm to your body . It is also without getting too technical easier and quicker to be obsorbed by the body . Many GPS will prescribe Gabapentin because it is 4 times cheaper than Pregabalin. Lyrica is the brand name of the original drug . There are many generic makes of both drugs , but don't be fooled . Once the licence runs out for the pharmaceutical company that did the research for the original drug it's a free for all. The active ingredient is the same however they can be mixed with different things . This mix can cause different side effects. Therefore making you think the drug isn't working because you can't tolerate it. They tend to give you the original at first , you feel better, then they swap it out for a generic one .....you then can feel that it's not working . Yes the box says Pregabalin or Gabapentin but they can be completely different in the way your body tolerated it. Hope this makes sense and helps in some way.

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Hi, personally I've tried both. Duloxetine was Cymbalta when I tried it and it sent my migraines off somewhere I never ever want to go again!

Pregablin wasn't as bad, but for me the pain relief I was getting just wasn't worth the side effects.

Problem is you get side effects with every drug but as we're all so different the only way you'll know how they affect you is to try them.

Best of luck!🤞😊

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Astonvilla68 in reply to CheetieCat

Game changerdo u still have headaches?? I had them every day but this silly little 100% natural pill is a game changer. Hope it works for you, PS I don’t work for the company or anything like that it’s just made such a difference to my life hence hope it helps you

Game changer
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CheetieCat in reply to Astonvilla68

I use a preventive every day and have one of the triptans for when I take one. So much better now but thanks so much for that I'll have a look for it

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Cat00 in reply to Astonvilla68

ave you told the GP you're taking feverfew? It can cause problems with several different meds. I think it's contraindicated with blood thinners NSAIDs and possibly some antidepressants.

I've been on Pregablin, it just made me put on lot of weight. At the time it was a new drug and cost a lot of money so the GPs were keen for me come off it and Gabapentin actually worked better so it was a short lived experiment!

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Hi there, I've been taking 120mg of duloxetine and 200mg of pregablin for 25 years... Neither offer much help with fibromyagia for me tbh... I'm now addicted to both

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Hello, I've also been on Pregabalin for about 9 years now. Yes weight gain can be a problem, but I find the drug does really help. Duloxetine also gave me very weird headaches, felt a bit like little lightning bolts in my head!! I am in a fair bit of medication now but I think for the time being Pregabalin is working for me. Good luck xx

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My opinion not nice drugs I came off duloxetine did absolutely nothing, actually felt better when I came off it. In my experience none of the drugs work, try and look for alternatives know your limits et cetera. I know it’s not what you want to hear but unfortunately that’s the lovely disease we have. Good luck and best wishes

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I've been on pregabalin for a few years I'm on 300mg twice a day, it doesn't get rid of pain but has helped me cope and has reduced the shocks I get in my wrists and feet but not completely. Sometimes it feels like I have stood on a nail. Side effects are definitely weight gain its hard to keep it under control. Hope whatever choice u make helps you.

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I have been on Pregabalin only for about 3 weeks and it is affecting my flow of urine. I have also put on weight and my stomach is bloated all the time so I think it's another trip to the Doctors to try something else 😒

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i have tried pregablin but didn't like side effects been on duloxetine highest dose for a few months and have been fine with them not sure how much they are helping pain as had my medication messed about a lot lately

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I've been on Duloxotine for about 6 months and it made a big difference for me. My pain consultant explained that there is only a 50/50 success rate so I have been in the lucky 50%, I went from aches and pains everywhere to feeling almost normal once the initial side affects wore off. I started with headaches and sweating and a bit of nausea, but that all wore off within a few weeks.

I'm on a fairly low dose and feel my symptoms are starting to come back, but reluctant to increase my dose. I'm starting a pain management course next week so hoping that will help too.

I hope you find something that works for you

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I was on Gabapentin for a long time it never helped the pain felt so much better after I stopped taking it. I take Duloxetine it helps with Depression, but I find rest Meditation and massage helps most take care 🙂

I have the Duloxetine and first 6 weeks were bloody aweful! Sickness headaches dizzy spells lack of appetite the how works. Was only 1x30mg a day to start as well. Went up to 2 a day when side effects stopped. But again all side effects came back, so split the dose to one morning one night. Now I am just shattered . Did help with ankle feet and hand pains after all that.

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Hello. I was recently put on Pragabalin. I tried it for a couple of months, but felt no help with pain. Doctor gave me the option of increasing the dose to see if that helped, but I was already worried about the weight I'd put on in that short time so I came off it. Waiting to see Rheumatologist in the hope that an explanation for the pain is found. All the best to you xx

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Hi, I’ve been taking both for the past 2 years and apart from fatigue until I got used to the dose I’ve been much better with my mobility.

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I've been on Duloxetine for a number of years without too many issues. Takes a month or so to get into the swing of things so don't give up too soon. I didn't get on with Pregabalin, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.

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Been on both duloxetine and pregabalin for years. Takes the edge off for sure, and duloxetine certainly helps with my depression which is a long standing issue. It seemed a good fit. Definitely had some weight gain, but I have a terrible sweet tooth anyway so the weight gain as I had to slow down isn't really unexpected. Although I still struggle, the balance I have now is the most effective to date. I have back issues from my teenage years which I take amitriptyline and a slow release morphine for too. Anything is worth a try. The one consistent with fibro, is the inconsistency of its behaviour and its reaction to the same medication in different people! One size does not fit all 😉

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hI, I take duloxtine for fibromyalgia pain and for me it has stopped the pin pricking I was getting all over my body. Still in pain with fibromyalgia and being stiff but it has helped.

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hi , I have had fybro for years & I take Duluxatine & Pregablin ( used to be on gabapentin ) I’m told Pregablin is better!! So I am also on 8Tramadol & Amytriptaline , a lot but I’m up for a review next week, my pain is hightened with really bad knee pain & a bad back!! I say all combined my pain is still high & tho it’s a lot of tablets i was without them for nearly a week wen my bags was stolen from a national express bus going on holiday in uk , my tablets clothes everything! I was a wreck without them crying 😢 nightmares then no sleep ahh!! It was terrible , so I’m not looking forward to the review incase they stop them as they don’t take all my pain away, but if I don’t have them I realise they do help abit ! I wud say if ur not having both take the. Gabapentin , hope that helps you , take care x sorry ment Pregablin

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i get both of these, I found they do not work long term, and are additive.

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I want to try duloxetine

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Hi All,

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply & sharing your experiences with both medications. It's a very valuable insight for me as I really didn't know which way to turn. It's hard to make decisions when you are in constant pain you just don't know much about the medication, just what is available on-line (but not always good information or in-depth & even contradictory, as I guess you will know?) & then you're GP tells you to 'choose' your path!

Thank you again


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Hi yea I have been on both of these drugs for a long time now, I am so different now to how I use to be. Much better and I have to credit it to these.

I’m able to live better now still have pain and all else that goes with fibro but it is duller pain so I can manage to live with it although still have bad flare ups.

It will take awhile for your body to get use to these drugs so bare with it. I remember feeing very dupped up !! Took few weeks to adjust

Hope this helps xx

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Ok I've been given both in the years of pain & it was really bad that I was suffering having panic attacks & the depression was worsening too.

I will start with gaberpentin in short I was taking maximum allowed dose & nothing was helping me & I had to go back to the doctor & told him things were getting worse for me & eventually I was prescribed Duloxetine.

3 things I noticed right away, no sickness or feelings of ickiness, 2 it did nothing for the pain what so ever but lastly & amazingly it totally helped my brain to calm down & helping me with my depression & when I spoke to my doctor next time I mentioned this & he said it acts like an antidepressant too & I've taken them for years & I believe that duloxetine was the one medication that helped me to get to the far better place that I ever was & hopefully with time , mindfulness & being happy , the pain is always there as we all know but it's how I let dictate what I can & can't do for the next day.

I will say this iscthe first instance where a GP has told the patient to choose which path they take , as we see some have hated it some not & that's both meds.

I wish U love & light on Ur journey.

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hI I'm 53 n got diagnosed 5 yrs ago, wiv fibro I put 2 stone on in 3 months wiv Pregabalin after 3 months on it, I'm.on duloxetine 120mg everyday now the last 2 yes n no weight gain, good

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I can’t take pregabalin but I have been on duloxatine for a couple off years. I still have pain so I thought that duloxtine wasn’t helping until I ran out! then I realised it was working,. when I still have bad pain I do sometimes think it’s not working against the pain but as it’s an antidepressant I don’t mind so much !

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i have taken duloxetine for 20 years. I have tried the others, but didn’t care for the side effects. The only side effect I have with duloxetine is sweating a bit more. But it is so helpful in taming my pain and stiffness.

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Hi I do feel for you I am on both and have no problems with them they won't take away all the pain but may just take the edge off

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Hi Faxgirl

Just to say I was given Gabapentin to try it made me very unbalanced and didn’t help with pain at all, so stopped.

I have been on Duloxetine for many years and it helps with the very sharp pains in my arms and legs, also good for my depression which I have had for many years. At first I was tired had an itchy nose and dry mouth but after a while it went off.

I think you have to try each one and see if you can bear any side effects if any and if it helps with the pain.

I wish you all the best and hope you find something that helps you x

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Hi Hazel,Im on duloxetine for my fibromyalgia and been on them 6-years now and find them to help me a lot without any side effects,hope this helps and you get better soon.Regards,Paul.

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