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Hi all, has anyone taken the Lidocaine Infusion for their fibromyalgia, and did it work for you? I will be having mine next month. What was your experience?

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hI yes I had it and unfortunately it didn't work for me but everyone is different good luck

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not recommendable , quite a few have died from strokes having been on this pain relief treatment

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DeeX36 in reply to biker888

Hi, that sounds scary, I might have to cancel it.

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Carlt in reply to DeeX36

 I would speak to a medical professional about the side effects of medication rather than cancel a treatment because of a comment on a public forum.

You can Google the possible side effects of lidocaine. Stroke isn't one of them.

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DeeX36 in reply to Carlt

thank you for your comment, I am going ahead with it as i have spoken to the pain clinic.

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It didn't work for me but there were two others in my pain program group with fibro who found it did make a difference for them, I was really disappointed when it didn't work.

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I’ve had it, and found it didn’t really work as pain relief for me. But, as said above, it’s different for everyone. 

Re risks, you are monitored the entire period during the infusion. My infusion was given over a longer, slower period (3 hours vs typical 1 hour) due to my history of medication sensitivity (I typically can only manage low doses of drugs), and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) condition which has increased tachycardia (heart rate).

I was monitored carefully throughout the entire infusion. So It’s important for your care team to be aware of your medical history with any possible potential for side effects from new treatment. I didn’t experience any issues apart from drowsiness and tingling, but no real noticeable beneficial alteration of pain levels.

I found I did better with lidocaine patches, but those have now been discontinued by the NHS - as NHS say studies show lidocaine patches don’t make enough positive difference to pain levels, to warrant being prescribed (ie they think it makes no difference). I’ve heard that, within the next couple of years, the NHS will also be discontinuing lidocaine infusions for pain management for the same reasons (no significant change in pain relief).

In case you are worried that you may fall into a risk category, the main risks for possible negative lidocaine interaction are: “...previous evidence of myocardial infarction [ie heart attack history], congestive heart failure, decreased body weight, increased age, and other conditions that affect hepatic clearance [liver function]” (From this medical study:

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DeeX36 in reply to niretro

Thank you for your comment, very educational, I was told by the hospital that it works for some people and some say it didn’t work for them, I struggle with fibromyalgia as it’s one pain or another, I don’t want to add more problems by taking this infusion, Thant’s my fear.

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557755 in reply to niretro

I had one 8 months ago and it did make a difference. It’s been over 8 months now and I’m desperate to have the next one but currently no slots. Good luck - hope you’re one of the lucky ones 🤞

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DeeX36 in reply to 557755


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hI all, I've not had an infusion but I am prescribed lidocaine patches. My gp still gives them me. I hope they don't stop them in Lancashire......

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It’s understandable to have fear over anything new, and it’s always important to be aware of potential side effects with any new medication or treatment. I am typically the type of person who will have anxiety about new meds/treatments, so I understand.I would suggest you discuss your medical history (if you haven’t already!) with the medical team who have suggested lidocaine infusion for you, although it is highly unlikely they would have suggested lidocaine infusion for you if they did not consider you a good candidate for the treatment 🙂

There is no way you would be put forward for lidocaine if you presented with any of the risk factors I listed in my previous reply (heart issues, underweight, liver issues).The team who administered my infusion knew my medical history and took necessary precautions to make sure I was OK pre, throughout and post treatment.

Your weight, current symptoms (current level of wellbeing) and vitals will all be checked thoroughly before the start of the infusion. During the infusion your vitals are constantly monitored as well - you will be hooked up to machines that monitor your vitals throughout the entire process.

If there is any discomfort or issue during the procedure it can be stopped immediately. I had to have it slower, and the only side effect for me (after initial tingling) was that it just made me drowsy.

Good luck!

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DeeX36 in reply to niretro

Thank you, puts my mind at ease.

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niretro in reply to DeeX36

You’re most welcome. Good luck!

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DeeX36 in reply to niretro

Thank you.

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i had 2x times and all floored me for days after, sorry did nothing xx

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I hve used lidocaine on a fever blister and it deadens the pain almost immediately. The dentists use it to deaden the gum a bit befor an injection. I am eager to know how you use the infusion. Tx for yr reply still coming.

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DeeX36 in reply to Loxley22

Lidocaine is a common local anaesthetic that can be delivered by intravenous (IV) infusion to relieve chronic pain.

that’s not for Fibro. If it’s jus the pain you feel. Try Pregablin, less side effects than gaberpentine.

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DeeX36 in reply to

i am on pregablin, the lidocaine is being administered by the pain clinic in st thomas hospital. It is for fibromyalgia..

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Loxley22 in reply to

How long does these Lidocaine injections last, and how often are you to hve the treatment Pse?

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DeeX36 in reply to Loxley22

it works for some people and not others, it’s meant to last up to 3 months. The infusion can take up to 2hrs am told. Am not sure how often you can request for one, but i will ask when i get mine done.

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Loxley22 in reply to DeeX36

very kind of you. Thank u very much.

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DeeX36 in reply to Loxley22

I am having an infusion (iv) not an injection.?

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Loxley22 in reply to DeeX36

Soreee about the injection word.

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Hi Yes I have had it regularly for the last few years with no side effects it’s doesn’t work for everyone but it helps me definitely give it a go to see if it helps you

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DeeX36 in reply to Inthepark

Thank you, i will give it a try.

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Hi, I've had 2 and unfortunately neither worked for me.

After I had the first one I flared for about 3wks. When I had my review, I explained how I'd been. They didn't know why that had happened and asked if I'd like to try again. I said yes cos the idea of it working was obviously an awesome one!! Sadly, it did not and I just flared for 2-3wks that time.

This is obviously just my experience though and you could be one of the lucky ones who it does work for.

I'd say it's worth having it, as the procedure isn't a bad one. Good luck to you 🙂

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DeeX36 in reply to Ilove-Animals

Thank you for your reply. I will give it a try.

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Quick update, I had the lidocaine infusion last week and feel amazing. I hope it’s stays that way, downside is, I find that if i do any activity that is strenuous i feel it aggregates my pain . So far so good for now, I will do it again, it was worth it.

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