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Naproxen - worries about long term use.

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Hi all. I hope everyone is well. I have been suffering from pain all over for years and a year and half was told by my GP it's looking like Fibromyalgia. I started on Amytriptyline at night 10mg and it did help me get a better sleep, however during the day the pain was still very present. I started on Naproxen about 5 weeks ago and it really helped me a lot. I finished my couch to 5k and still run a couple of times a week. The sciatic pain has numbed dramatically and I actually felt great for a wee while. I started slimming world and have been losing weight. I'm not obese, but just wanted to shift a couple of stone to better my pain and general health and appearance. However, after reading a bit about Naproxen, I panicked about the damage long term use can cause, i.e. heart damage in the future. I stopped taking it and I am now back to PAIN. I feel miserable. I haven't run, I also seem to have a problem with my bladder! I need to pee so urgently that sometimes I actually pee myself a bit! I'm so frustrated and confused as to what to do now. Go back on the Naproxen, or look for an alternative? Anyone have any advice and experience of Naproxen please? I had my covid vaccine whilst on Naproxen and never felt a thing. Jogged the next day. Is it all in my head? Thanks.

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Hi i would think 5 weeks is really not a long time maybe ,I have been takeing naproxen for 4 years on specialist advice to doc ,and get meds rieviewed once a year it flags up on docs computer

Not sure if this will give you a bit of reassurance for takeing it on a yearly basis with doc meds rieview yearly

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Many thanks for your reply. It's really helpful and I hope Naproxen is helping you. I wasn't so worried about the 5 weeks worth, but for the future long term. I just took a tablet and I'm going to speak to my GP about long term use. It seems to really help my pain. Thanks again.

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Ajay575 in reply to Fogbog

Thats goid it helps ,maybe after a while you may get some stoma issues or heartburn forget to mention i get another med for heartburn,lots on long term get another med alongside if you get get these issiues ,glad its helping you

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LoneEra in reply to Ajay575

Agreed - I’ve been on all sorts of NSAIDs for ages over the years 😂 Monitoring and GP advice is required but if it helps, it helps.

Have you spoken to your GP or a physio about your bladder? It could be numerous things...but I had similar issues and then worked with a physio to tighten the muscles that hold it all in and it’s been amazing!

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LisaSnowFMA UK Volunteer

What dose of naproxen was helpful to your pain? It is actually one of the safer meds that you can buy over the counter directly (unless you need it at a higher strength). All medications come with a long list of potential side effects. However it doesn't mean some or any is going to happen. It is all about risk and benefit ratio. If you felt well on it why not talk to your doctor about your concern of its side effects and find out how likely they are given your medical background?

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Fogbog in reply to LisaSnow

Hi. My current dose which has really helped is 250mg X twice a day. I am a fairly healthy person apart from the pain I suffer from. I will talk to my GP about the naproxen. Thank you.

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LisaSnowFMA UK Volunteer in reply to Fogbog

That isn't high for dose at all.In the USA, anyone can buy a box of 50 tabs for $ 7 USD and I bet many use it daily without their physician knowing. If the heart complication is frequent it would have been taken off the shelf by now. Of course always consult with your doctor for any concern you may have.


I took huge dosages of Naproxen for my Fibromyalgia for an extended period of time (years). I now have chronic kidney disease (ckd). I now take acetaminophen (Tylenol) 650 mg. tablets. Sometimes, I take as much as two tablets at a time, 1300 mg. Both my internist (also my PCP) and my nephrologist (kidney doctor) said it was okay for me to take this dosage of acetaminophen for pain. I get a pretty good deal buying Equate 8 hour arthritis pain relief (acetaminophen extended-release 650mg. caplets) for about $10.00 for 325 caplets from Walmart. I can not take any NSAIDS because of my having ckd. I would suggest that you ask your doctor what your kidney function lab tests look like. I am not a doctor of medicine nor am I spokes person for Walmart. I hope this helps you.

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LisaSnowFMA UK Volunteer in reply to My_Kidneys

You are correct, while NSAIDS does not cause kidney disease with rare exception of AKI, it has the potential to worsen kidney function for patients with renal impairment. Glad Tylenol is working for your pain, hopefully they are checking CMP to check your liver enzymes regularly.

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My_Kidneys in reply to LisaSnow

My doctors check my fasting lab work every three weeks which includes the comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). You are right that Tyenol can affect your liver especially if you drink alcohol. I don't drink. My doctors do regular liver panel lab work on me.

I took Naproxen for years, and finally developed a bleeding duodenal ulcer from using it...It's not safe to take for long periods. I really miss it, nothing else helps as much.

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My mother's friend had the same problem. She was supposed to take omprizole with the naproxen to protect her stomach but didn't like the way it made her feel so didn't take it. She regrets not taking it now.

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I developed an ulcer and GERD due to naproxen (a year on top dose). You should be taking omeprazole with it.

I have taken Naproxen 500mg twice daily on and off, for years like others on this thread. What I did discover, was when I used them for a week or two for flare ups, every day, I started getting a burning pain in my chest. My GP then prescribed Omeprazole, a commonly used stomach lining medication, and the problem resolved. Quite why this very common issue was not mentioned by her in the first instance, I will never know. Also I had to start them again recently, and as I'd been issued with 'gastro resistant' Naproxen, mistakenly thought they were a 'new' type and had an inbuilt stomach protection medication. After a couple of weeks the burning started again, and I was then advised that I STILL needed to take the Omeprazole prior to Naproxen. I'm not sure about others, but over the last 15 years I feel my GP just does the minimum required to medicate me and get me out of the door. I too have had bladder problems; I've been referred to urology as a 'non urgent' case - nothing has come of the X-ray and ultrasound scans I had, but the irritation is driving me mad - no infection detected. I suspect I have interstitial cystitis, again, almost self diagnosed by googling and speaking to a different doctor. Good luck.

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I think the bladder irritation problem goes along with autoimmune disorders. After having chronic UTIs my whole life I finally went to an Urologist. He did a scan and scope, said there is nothing wrong. He said take d-Manose 1000 mgs daily and keep drinking fluids. It is the only thing that works, it is fruit sugars like the cranberry pills but more effective. I have even stopped having the feeling I need to go every 45 minutes. It also helps to keep the area very clean, I use baby wipes or wash off.

Hi, unfortunately Naproxen did absolutely nothing for me and I've used another NSAID (Arcoxia) for years. Lots of negatives on this drug too but personally speaking without this & a few others I would be unable to continue working so I do believe it's a case of weighing up the benefits to you. With regular bloods & stomach protection of course to keep an eye on any changes in liver, kidneys etc .... And NO it's definitely not all in your in head 🤗

Just a side comment. Don't push yourself too hard as the drugs mask pain. You may do damage as I have and pay dearly for it later. I have been on naproxen for 20 years and have benefited greatly from the effect of being able to work well past the time I thought I would give up. As mentioned be careful with the new found relief.

Five weeks is not long at all. I had to stop as after a while I developed gastritis, duodenitis and a hiatus hernia but, to be fair, I also take masses of other tablets for a heart problem. Just keep an eye on how your stomach/digestion reacts to Naproxen. I suggest if no problems and it reduces pain then go for it! Good luck x

Before I was diagnosed I was on Naproxen. It worked great to kill pain, BUT, it is harsh on your liver and kidneys. I found if I took it for a week I then had nosebleeds and had to stop it for a few days, then started again. I would try something else less damaging if you want to. CBD oil works for me.

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Fogbog in reply to KnackeredKaty

Thank you for the reply. I will try CBD oil.

Hi Fogbog, I just wanted to add that Amitriptyline made me feel the need to pee constantly, so much so that I had to stop, despite it helping my sleep.I'm wondering if this would have anything to do with your urgency to pee? Might be worth considering.

As for Naproxen, it gave me gastritis and I came off them after being on them a few years with a few breaks in between. My whole digestive system felt like it was on fire!

I read that Ibuprofen was less harsh on your system, so I'm using that instead, when I'm desperate.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. Maybe the urgency to pee is the Amytriptyline right enough. It has been going on for longer than I thought. I am speaking to my GP today about the Naproxen. Think I will ask for something else.

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