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Back or Kidney pain ?

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I really don't know what to do with myself 😒

I have my normal Fibromyalgia pain but on top of this I have pain in my lower back, flank pain, hip pain, pain on the inside top of my legs.

I'm not sure whether it's back or kidney pain related. But it's relentless. I'm already taking my usual pain meds of Gabapentin and Noratryptaline. And I'm on the max amount of my co-codamol too now. I've tried a hot water bottle also. But nothing seems to be working.

It feels worse in the morning and night time but that's probably because of pain meds not in my system.

I'm afraid to bother the Drs as I can imagine they raise their eye brows each time they see my name and all they do is say it's my Fibromyalgia and that they can't give me anymore pain killers than I'm already taking.

I'm so fed up, the pain is now unbearable 😒

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Get it checked out. You no your body better than any DR and if it's new pain it needs looking into. Try to speak to a different GP if you find the one you get not very helpful. GL.

Thank you.Because it can take all day to get through to the Drs I've been putting it off.

But my friend has sent me a link that goes through to my Drs where you put in all the relevant info about your illness and they contact you via telephone the next day or sooner.

So will wait for a call, I dread it though as all of the Drs are the same at my practice 😒

Always best to ask the GP. I know they tend to brush everything under the fibro rug - but this deserves investigation. I would say something along the lines of you're concerned that something is being missed and that this is impacting your physical and mental health. That normally gets them to pay a little more attention.

If the GP is really unhelpful, you could try 111 and see what they say. Sometimes they can send you to the local hospital to see a doctor there. Hope you feel better soon x

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Debra24 in reply to LoneEra

Thank you.Because it can take all day to get through to the Drs I've been putting it off.

But my friend has sent me a link that goes through to my Drs where you put in all the relevant info about your illness and they contact you via telephone the next day or sooner.

So will wait for a call, I dread it though as all of the Drs are the same at my practice 😒

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LoneEra in reply to Debra24

Totally understand. It might sound silly but I would write yourself a little script for the conversation. This will make it easier for you to be polite but forceful.

Something like:

"I've been suffering with XYZ pains which are over and above my normal fibro pains. And my medication is not helping.

I'm concerned that something is wrong - and I don't want this to be missed simply because I have fibro. The pain is negatively impacting me mentally and physically.

What do you think we could do to investigate this further?"

So you put your case and stand firm. Good luck - let us know how you get on xx

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Debra24 in reply to LoneEra

That sounds like a great idea.Thank you.

And yes I will update soon.

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Greenpeace in reply to Debra24

Hi, please use the link that your friend sent you, and say something along the lines of what LoneEra suggests as it will then be written in your records.

Personally I think your your Dr needs to go back to Med school for a refresher course if he/she thinks the pain you’re describing is caused by Fibro.

Good luck.

GP. 😊😊

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Definitely get it checked .... I had similar in past, and it turned out to be a kidney infection that I let go untreated for 2-3 weeks thinking it was just my back pain flaring.

Hi Debra. Under similar circumstances I rang 111. It did actually work - short circuited the GP and I got a home visit from really helpful locum doctor. I was actually suffering bad reaction to prescribed medication.

Good luck. Xxx

I too Debra24 have fibro and everything I ask as new areas of pain emerge! But I always get its the fibro.This week I have been getting shooting pains from bottom up into head. To put it bluntly like a cattle prod being stuck up your bum!!!

Hope you get help from drs. X

HiI know exactly how you feel. I’ve been in lots of pain with pain in kidneys and back, it’s horrendous. Any slight jolt and OMG, the pain!!!

I wear heat patches on my back, helps a little.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the support from you all. I've contacted the Dr and they should be calling me back today.

Pain is easier this morning, not as intense.

I think it is a trapped nerve as the pain is off and on.

My urine is clear and no pain while passing.

Will update after my phone call.

Fybromyalgia is painful in all sorts of ways but new pain means you should rattle your Dr's cage and see what falls out.

It's awful that you are in pain. Are you able to do light exercise as I've found very gentle stretching to help me as well as diaphragm breathing

Hi Debra. Good luck with doctor’s appointment. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes xxx

I also get terrible back pain in the same place you describe, it’s much worse now than it used to be. Pain meds don’t touch it. It gets so bad I could cry. The only thing that helps me is lying on my bed. I haven’t bothered my doctor because I know he’ll say it’s the fibro.

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Blun01 in reply to glochessum

You’re right!! Lying in bed is best but just not able to. Wish I could. I’m at work and I feel like I’m floating around schl.

Hi Debra24 sorry to hear you are suffering. If you do get to speak to a GP you could request a medication review.Also it’s worth asking to be referred to a Pain Clinic, if there is one in your area. I am on different pain medication to you. It might be that a different combination of meds might give you more relief. I am on Pregabalin, duloxatine, amitriptyline, co-codamol or oramorph. Hope this helps, take care😊

OMG Debra! You're describing exactly how I've been feeling over the last few weeks. Now that I've been reading everyone's replies makes me think I do need to get on touch with my doctor ASAP. Thinking about it more, I suspect it might a kidney infection 🤔. X

I understand what you are talking about, I have the same pains, but fortunately they do get better for a day or so then come back. This week I decided to stop eating dairy, and have had some relief from the numb hands and shoulders. Yesterday my psoas in my groin hurt so much I couldn't sleep, but my glands are not swollen. I kept thinking maybe I have an infection, but it is better today. I find that doing yoga is my only hope for real relief. It's hard to do much when you are in pain, but even 10-15 minutes of stretching really helps. I feel much much better when I spend time stretching my back and other muscles. There is a terrific yoga teacher on YouTube. Not sure if it's copasetic to post here but it's Yoga with Adriene. When I first started doing it I couldn't lift my arm all the way up behind my back, but am more limber now. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to say I have the same pains and it's really challenging to deal with it day after day. Lavender epsom salts baths are my favorite. As everyone else said, it can't hurt to check in with your dr., I am lucky to be able to see mine often.

Sooooooo can relate.....20 yrs !HELP 😆. Drs. Have been of no help ! My golden retired years are wasted ! Feeling sorry for myself and anyone in this position ! They just through you pills ! They don’t help.........what do drs go to school for ? Sorry, I’m just upset to day ! 🙃🙃🙃

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PacificCLL in reply to Aaaaa-

I know, I was so happy to retire then guess what? The party is over, you are chronically ill now. Really depressing. I am glad that I retired early and had a few years of fun.

#UPDATE#Well I eventually got a call back from my GP yesterday evening.

He thinks that it maybe a trapped nerve in my back that is causing all the pain.

He's prescribed me Naproxen 500mg x 2 each day and also Omeprazel to protect my stomach.

Won't get these medicines delivered now until Monday afternoon.

I'm sure he's looked at my medical records before prescribing. Just hope he realises that I am asthmatic, have liver disease and have a habit of being allergic to alot of medicine's !

Pain is bearable atm thank goodness.

But can all of a sudden change.

Thank you again to everyone that's commented, its been a really big help xx

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LoneEra in reply to Debra24

Fingers crossed the meds work for you. Don’t hesitate to call the doctor back or to ring 111 if the meds either don’t help or make you feel unwell. Keep us posted xx

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