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Neck Pain



My biggest pain problem is in my neck, head and shoulders. Does anyone have any good exercise tips to help relieve pain in these areas? Or any really good relaxation tips? 💜

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer, Morning, my neck and shoulders seem to be a place that aches a lot , I have a rub in gel called bio freeze which does seem to help somewhat(always check with your pharmacy if taking any meds) always a soak in my epsoms bath later in day to try and relax the muscles, I also have tried wheat bag ,warmth for me always soothes, headaches I do use a herbal headache balm which is amazing as not great taking paracetamol etc. They are a Somerset company making all their own products pm if you want the name, and also another one I’ve tried with lavender in their products , anything that relieves our pain is helpful. Ive posted a link if you would like to lock your posts as then only open to our community and not any other site engines on the net. Xx

Thank you so much. I have tried most of those things already but I’m going to give them another go. My job has a huge impact on my neck pain too as I’m usually in one position for a long time. Do you do any exercises to help relieve the pain?💜

YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer in reply to HawthorneBerry

Just gentle massage really and sometimes the bio freeze I use help s. X

Mydexter in reply to Yassytina

Hi Yassytina , could you pm me the name of the company that does the herbal head balm, thanks

Big issue for me too, movement is really good, shoulder rolls, head turn to each side (like looking over shoulders) bring back to front. Usually 10 reps

Rolled up towel, lie on your bed with it just about centre of back between shoulder blades, you should feel your shoulders drop back towards the bed. Use a brush handle or bar in both hands to keep them shoulder width apart and bring them from resting in front of you up over your head as far as you can. (10 reps)

Another one is hook your dressing gown tie or similar over the door whilst sitting, pull your arms up & down keeping them close to the side of your head. (10 reps)

Yassytina has alreadygiven you lots of good advice, I also use magnesium joint spray on neck/shoulders.

Look online for physio exercises if you need more

Hope this helps 🤗

Thank you so much! I’m going to try all of these 💜

Hi HawthorneBerry Your posture at work isn't perhaps helping, & staying still for so long. Can you gently do some of the neck movements mentioned just a few times, as often as you can, so you don't stiffen up? Here's a link to some videos showing neck movements (from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) Hope this helps.

Thank you so much. I’ve already had a quick look at the website. Will revisit later 💜

You're very welcome.

Hi, although not an exercise, today I saw a long sausage shaped hot water bottle on QVC that might help. The company selling it is called Vagabond. They do all different shapes but looking at the reviews the sausage fleece covered one looks like a winner.

I suppose you could alternatively fill it with ice water - that might help too.

Just a thought.


Thank you to everyone who has given me tips and advice on relieving my neck pain. It really appreciate it. I’m hitting a bit of a dead end with my fibromyalgia pain and my anxiety & low mood is not improving any either. I always keep pushing on- always have but there comes a time when you need to ask for help.

I’m finally giving in and going on some prescription medications to help me. I’m a bit apprehensive but I’ve got to give it a go.

I’ll let you know how I go on. It might help someone else.

Keep smiling all 💛🧡❤️

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