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Penis Rash


I have an rash on penis head and what looks like a little dry patch . Tested for diabetes and no issue there . Have been using antibiotic and creams canestan , but still have issue . Experienced itchiness under arms last week . Not sure why it isn’t going away . Been on antibiotics for about 20 days . Wash without soaps and not sure if washing powders etc etc could cause this .

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Have you changed your washing power recently?

My partner is quite stringent on cleaning . Uses a lot of chemicals around the house and did recently change the wash powder . However I had this rash before that was changed

I see it definitely won’t be that then, is the rash scaly at all?

No the rash isn’t scaly . It’s red with what I see as two whitish dry small patches . It seemed at one stage to go back a little thought it was clearing but came back and seems even last few days to have gotten iriitated and more visible again

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Canestan isn’t working . Have been on a course of antibiotics which they are now extending for 30 days . Have itchiness under arms this week and not sure is it from the wash powder . My partner got a rash under neck so think underarm rash is powder . But have had penis rash for a while . Could penis rash be being affected by clothing and powders ???

It could be enhancing the penis rash, the same thing happened to my daughters farther when we used a biological powder. Has you doctors done a swab or collected a scrape sample? If not ask if they will.

I have had a cauda equine operation in 2016 and becuase has nerve end issues wondered if that was a possibility . I feel in good health but this is annoying Me immensely as I can’t seem to get rid of it .

I’m not sure if that would course this issue

The white spots aren’t scaled and the rash isn’t scaled . Can they swab that to see if it finds anything ? Someone said to Me to go to a STI clinic as they would know more and be quicker in treating ?

Yeah they should be able to swab because if it is caused by bacteria then they will be able to give you the right antibiotics that will work. Yes an sti clinic maybe able to help and they would probably offer more testing then the gps. Even something as simple as a chemical imbalance might be the cause. I’d give them a call in the morning and see what they advise.

YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer, Morning does mighty uncomfortable for you, I would differently ring your surgery again on Monday as sounds like current antiboctics are not helping and seems going on awhile now, agree with other member properly time to do a swap etc so they can help you get on top of this, I’ve posted a link above if you would like to lock your posts as only our community can see and not open to any other sites on the internet. Hope this gets resolved soon .

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Thank you do much for your help and guidance

Has any of your medication changed recently, could it be a drug rash?

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I have back pain due to a previous operation . Was taking ibuprofen lately and Parecetemol but nothing else .

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Just a thought

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A good one too . I had been taking those painkillers and as I usually don’t take much medication I did wonder at the time if I had too much in the system . Currently taking meds for this issue and just not feeling it’s going away . Thank you for your observation

Your welcome 🤞

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