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Foot pain


Hi just want to know does anyone suffer with foot pain amongst all the other stuff?

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Hi queenie60,

yes foot pain & shoes that fit without hurting is a big issue for me & I would assume for quite a few others here.

I now have a selection of shoes for however my feet are on any given day, unfortunately they ain't pretty ☹️🥴

Yes I suffer with bad pain in my feet, so your not alone. I have not found anything that helps so open to suggestions. Stay safe


Yes, my feet are one of my worst points for pain

Yes all over, toe tips hurt like I've got an ingrowing toenail (but I haven't!), once I kept cutting my nails down thinking the pain would go away.. but it didn't!

Also on sides of feet and ankles.

Your not alone one of my many symptoms is foot pain, been getting worse this past year of base of feet , heels & ankles can be excruciating.

First thing in the morning getting out of bed kills also hard floors set them off with tingling burning pain even when sitting .

I suffer with painful feet too.. Plantar faciitis... I do stretching with my dressing gown belt under my foot and just stretch my legs.. Also freeze a 50cl bottle of water and roll it with my feet eases pain and stretches your feet. I sending gentle hugs xx

Yes foot pain all the time. I’ve also got diabetes so have cold toes plus they feel bruised and tender. I also get the stabbing nerve pain all over....I’ve found gentle compression socks/leggings help reduce the pain a bit. Xx

Hello , yes I do in both feet . What has help me is the

Medic Revitive circulation booster

Relieves aches and pains.

Strengthens muscles.



Poor mobility

Persistent pain

Muscle pain.

You can buy them from Amazon they are expensive but they do work. Hope this helps you. Take care .

Hi yes at the moment my feet are killing me both my ankles are swollen there lumps that are has big has tennis balls and I've got one on my knee about the size of a golf ball has its only telephone ☎️ call with doctor they just say arthritis or its your fibro so yes I know exactly what your going through but we have to keep smiling 😃 hugs to you xxx

AWH CHEERS STAY SAFE almost makes me cry to actually see that I'm not alone with the painful feet issue ! My life has been miserable for years but lately I'm becoming

more and more disabled due to my painful feet. Tops of my feet..sides..toes..bottoms are swelled..ankle swelling comes and goes ! I'm on Remicade infusions for my Crohn s and I'm even on 2 different Opoid meds ! Nothing helps ...I practically could open my own shoe store !i was recently diagnosed with mild type 2 diabetes also. Nobody understands when you tell them how bad your feet hurt ! XXX

Yesi uave foot pain bit i also have dypytrens disease which is related to fibromyalgia. I have had an op on my hand when my fingers started twisting and now my foot is twisting. You feel a lot older than you are with this crazy fibromyalgia and i would just love to have a party with all of you to make ghings brighter🤗🤗🍷🍷

Yes, the souls of my feet hurt, definately helped with reflexology

No... FEET PAIN is equal to all my others put together. For over four years now I have had constant severe pain... Its like broken bones and my skin feels too tight for my feet... hot and itchy and pins and needles and every thing in between.. CONSTANT meaning the only time this pain disappeared is when it's masked by the flare up (I am experiencing this NOW) ALSO in my feet? YES the only time I can't feel it is when it's worse... Or it too is masked by neck pain with intermittent electric shock type pain (I have checked myself for wires more than once.) which makes it difficult to lean forward to write this.. And holding the phone aloft seems as if its going to snap my arms. Unable to sleep at 3am...Just grateful to have somewhere to vent and that it's not the agonising CRAMP OF THE WORLD style pain I had in my groin the other night keeping me awake tonight. Just another quick glimpse into my 5 mins of what I should tell the next Dr I see who asks "what seems to be the trouble." I am seriously considering that tattoo saying "IT MAY BE FM" I can point at it and wait until they ask "what is fm?" I can reply "if its NOT fibromyalgia, then TELL ME WHAT IT IS."....

Sorry for that queenie60 but the short answer would be "I do"

i have severe pain on top of my foot which becomes unbearable with standing a lot or walking too far. had it on and off for years and it last ages every time no help just pain killers injection only worked for two weeks cost me 300 pounds

Yes one of many things, also get freezing cold feet and the soles burn often at the same time. Keep safe

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