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New Fibro Member based in Glorious Sussex


Hi there just thought I’d start by mentioning that I am actually free now I realise my username is a bit misleading.

I’ve had fibro and CFS for over 13 years I also suffer with anxiety and depression and underactive thyroid and herniated discs and osteoarthritis.

I’m 55 ,My birthday was yesterday and a single mum. I live in Brighton with my two adult teenage children I wondered if there’s anybody local or otherwise I’d like to chat be nice to speak to somebody who actually knows how it feels

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Hello Sorry for typo, free should read Female . I used the mic as typing is painful


Hi and a warm welcome to our community. Here you will find information support friendship and laughter too. You can find general information on fibromyalgia at our main website

If you email me at I can send you the details of the Brighton support group

Happy Belated Birthday Barney White


EJ 🌿🌸🦋🙏🕊

Hi Happy Birthday i hope you had a nice day. I am Nanette. I have had osteoarthritis since i was 25 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when i was 47. I thought it was just me who was being a pain not being able to cope with everything but now i can see on joining this page that its difficult for everyone with this condition. Do you get any support from your doctor. Mine is pretty useless

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