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Its been a long time since I've been on here but thought its worth a shot. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for working with fatigue. I work full time and am a key worker, really struggling with my fatigue at the moment which is causing me to have a lack of motivation. I am also completing my NVQ through work and really struggling to find the motivation to do anything.

To add to this my feet are not helping right now, I keep getting spasms in the arches of my feet which is painful.

Any advice is gratefully appreciated.

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Hi Maddie, and welcome back. I'm not sure I can offer much advise that you are not probably already trying

Pacing as much as you can

Resting as much as possible

Eating regular meals (preferably healthy ones)

Getting some fresh air

Although it sounds like you are constantly in the go and not getting time to rest or pace yourself, so it's a vicious cycle. Xxx

Thanks, I tend to nap after work. I will admit I'm not good at pacing but did change my diet to being more healthy. Just feel dead most of the time.


Morning , working full time must be very draining like Hazel Angelstar has already said pacing yourself, resting when you can, hard I know but when your not working find time to chill with a good book or music /film switch off completely, turn off your mobile , long soak in the bath. It must be a hard balancing act for you, hopefully you have got some time off over the long bank holiday weekend. Hopefully when you have finished your NVQ you will feel alittle less drained as you have more at the moment to get through, but well done , give yourself a pat on the back for acheiving this xx

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Thank you for the advice

Do you use Epsom salts in the bath? These can be helpful for muscle spasms, so it might help to soak your feet when you get home from a shift? Or even before you go to work?

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I debate it when I go shopping but never tried yet, might be the next thing to try thank you

Hi fatigue is a massive part of our every waking hour. Have you tried some mindfulness breathing ? I use an app called “insight timer” it has loads of free sessions and some of them are only a few minutes and could be done when having a toilet break or at lunch. It also has relaxation sessions which I find helpful too. The only problem is I often fall asleep with the longer ones 😀

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I do practice mindfulness, I used the Headspace app which is good

Hi Maddie. I tried using CBD and it has helped get me off the opiods, which has made a massive difference to my fatigue. Is the fatigue a meds side effect? Looking back I can't believe that I used to 'function' with such fatigue, and if I take a Tramadol now it takes three days to get that feeling out of my system.

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The fatigue can be a side effect, trying really hard to only take co-codamol when in absolute agony. Just sick of being worn out

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