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Itchy head. Going crazy.


Itchy head at night driving me barmy. Anyone else? Suggestions please

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Have you tried using a shampoo to ease dry/itching scalp. If over the counter ones do not help, gp can prescribe a stronger one

I have sebbhorraic dermatitis/psoriasis that affects my scalp so can sympathise with how frustrating and annoying the itch is

I have this problem all over my body I have bought a dog cool mat which I lie on and find that helps unfortunately though it spent help e sleep

Try natural filling pillows (cotton or Feathers and or Down)with a silk (not man made) cover, or Bamboo if you can find them.

Have you tried using a vinegar rinse after washing your hair with a gentle shampoo?

I find some shampoos are the living end in terms of itch and I'll have to rewash my hair and use the rinse to calm in down.

The more you scratch the more you will itch so the key is finding something to calm it pronto. For me vinegar diluted was the charm. You can bath in it too!

I wonder if it is a PH issue or just certain ingredients in the shampoos? Even natural ones have caused issues for me so, ever so sadly I just stick to the one that doesn't upset me.

If it is like the itching i have, nothing works, but it is worth trying the methods suggested you might be lucky. Mine started on the arms then went to scalp, ears and legs, drove me absolutely nuts at its peak, though more tame it still has its moments.

I have piriton at night I actually take two . It helps a lot . I’ve tried everything even getting up and having cool shower .

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Thank you. I have prescription nighttime anti histamines, but they don’t help my head or my itchy burning feet. I think having a cold shower as someone said is bravery well beyond me. I sleep with my feet out of the bed till my kitten spots them and thinks it’s fun time.

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The antihistamine the doctor gave didn’t help at all. A pharmacist told me to try piriton . Chloraphenamine maleate . There are different types of piriton . They are brilliant.

Over 20 years ago I was really bad with an itchy and oily hair. I had tried all sorts of shampoos. I was told by a hairdresser to just wash my hair in water and no shampoo at all. It took about 2 weeks to get passed the oily hair but ever since it has been brillant. Whenever I have my hair cut I ask about its condition and it is fine. I do still get itchyness at times but not like it used to be and no oily hair.

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Thank you. That’s a good idea . I’ve never tried that. I’ll give it a try. I have dry hair so I’ll probably look like a haystack.

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Give it a try. We are not all the same but I have not used anything on my hair at all for the last 20+ years. Take care and keep safe.

I get eczema at the back of my head sometimes. I don’t get it anywhere else, and when it flares the itch drives me nuts. I have a liquid lotion prescribed which has really helped.

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Oh thank you Catsnoop- wow it might be eczema. I’ll get it checked when I can get out of the house without taking my life in my hands!

Hi get this 2 a terrible extent at times

.for me a short course of oral steroids is the only thing that settles my scalp for a while..Not a great idea but nothing else helps at its worse



I'm really itchy all over it's a night mare it's burny itchy feel like I've got ants all over me x

I have itching all over my body, arms, legs, head everywhere! I have it mostly under control now. The head itching is mostly gone now, but when it comes back I wash it in just water, as cold as I can stand it. I have Dermol Cream prescribed for me and use that as a soap substitute in the shower. That has helped a lot, but still get the occasional flare-up. I often used to get up in the night because the itching was so intense, really a burning sensation, and have a cold shower, again as cold as I could stand. That also helps a bit. I hope you can find something that will control it. x

Yes I have Dermol cream prescribed- but I can’t wash my hair in it can I?

No you can't but if you read my reply you will see that I said I wash my hair in water as cold as I can stand when the itchiness flares up. I mentioned the Dermol in case you experienced itching over your body.

i have trouble with itching all over my body every night it drives me mad but not in my head anymore as i was allergic to vitamin e in the shampoo and conditioner and it used to make it itch so much and the more i washed my hair the worst it got so tried everywhere to find a shampoo and conditioner that was nice and smelt nice in the end i found a fruit one that iw very good and that helped and cut a lot of it down and i have to still be careful with anything i rub in my skin so leave vit e alone as best i can as it is in everything!!!!! i hope one of the solutions you have been given may help. the vinega one is good that helped me for a while but i just can't stand the smell of vinegar and just had to give it up in the end. some of the tablets we take do say that they can cause itching!!! one thing seems to lead to another with our medications. but i just rub cream in in the night that helps for enough time for me to at least go to sleep for 30 mins!!! :) i hope you get it sorted. have a lovely bank holiday weekend Nanie75 and all my fellow fibro sufferers? x

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Thank you Need soda. I’ve ended up putting E45 cream on my scalp- it’s yucky and matts my hair but I got so desperate. Not just with the itch but with myself cos I couldn’t stop.


Hello there, yes maybe a antihistamine a day would help (always run this by your doctors surgery/chemist if taking tablets ,) if you get itchy on your body I find E45 helps and I always keep a tub handy, keeping cool and loose clothing, I have been known to put hairdryer on cool and have a quick blow if scalp is hot, but differently for me a tablet a day helps x

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