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Fybromalgia and thyroid / front of the neck pain.



Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and possibly respond .

Can Fybromalgia cause pain in the thyroid area ? It started about 2 weeks ago with some very sore throat while swallowing. I thought I was coming down with a cold ?

Went away then the pain sort of traveled to the thyroid area. I feel some kind of mild discomfort in the front of my neck. I can’t feel any lump of swolleness. It simply bothers me . At times feels like a pinch of burning sensation.

The doc mentioned fybromalgia when i had joint pain and was going under a LOT of stress last year ( still happening..)

Not sure what to think about this pain in the front bottom part of my neck.

I would appreciate anyone’s opinion.

I will definitely call an endocrinologist soon. But would like to know if anyone has experienced thyroid pain or pain in that area due to Fybromalgia ? Seems odd.

Thank you

Stay healthy

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Have you had a thyroid antibodies check? 😊

I didn’t do antibodies check. I will prob when I see a doctor.

Thank you for your response

I have the same problem with front of my neck. I feel like someone is strangling me. Some days it's constant. Don't know what to do about it.

Did you see a physician ?

I would see a doc in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the virus/quarantine..

I am a bit reluctant.

I don’t see how this pain could go away on its own.

I will be seeing a neurologist soon but I think it's a fibro symptom. Contraction of the neck muscles I've been told. Stress can trigger it. I'll find out when I see the doctor.

Hi Entela15, I too get this feeling, as though something is either around my throat, or is pulling it downwards. I had put it down to stress, but am now wondering if it is to do with my fibromyalgia.x


Any new pain/new area of pain that continues more than a few days is best checked out by a health professional. While fibromyalgia pain can occur in any part of the body - there could be another cause that is treatable

Worth having it checked out when you can, as some Fibromites have Thyroid problems along with the Fibro.

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