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Is sickness common with fibromyalgia?


I was only diagnosed a few months ago so still getting used to all the symptoms. 2 days in a row now I’ve had a bubbling acidy stomach and been sick :/ is this common for fibromyalgia or caused by something else?

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It could be something else

So sorry to hear that you are suffering, unfortunately vomiting can be a symptom of Fibro. I only read about this recently, thankfully not a symptom I have experienced myself.

I can't remember there being mention of the acidy stomach so it could be something else, always better to run it past a professional rather than self diagnose/medicate. Perhaps try keeping a food diary, rule out any food intolerance's.

Try and stay as positive as possible, take each day as it comes (because no two days are the same) and don't be to hard on yourself when things can not be achieved.

I do hope you feel some relief soon, remember and be kind to yourself.

Stay safe, keep well and be strong.


Are you on any medication, as it could be that.

If not, mention it to your GP (most are doing telephone appointments now), as it could be a number of things, and not necessarily fibro. x


Yes, medication can cause sickness in some people. It could be something else. I do think you might be best phoning your Dr. At ours they do an initial telephone consultation and if they need to examine you, you are asked to come to surgery. There are no other patients there, one receptionist and your Dr who is suited and booted. Please let us know how you get on. Take care and stay safe. 🤗🤗 Lynne

I've always had issues with reflux and stomach acid

I find it's worse first thing when I haven't eaten.

I have to choose what I eat first carefully or I feel sick

Porridge without milk is good

Avoiding fizzy drinks and alcohol, tomatoes, fried foods and acidic fruits like oranges helps reduce the acid levels too

If you are not taking any medications and it doesn't ease with diet changes you need to see your doctor to make sure there is nothing to worry about.


Sorry you're feeling so poorly.

I haven't heard of sickness being a direct symptom of Fibro, but it does cause IBS, I think. But look at medication too. And something external.

in reply to AliMS

it does not cause IBS but is a comorbid condition i.e. a lot of people with fibro will also have IBS but this does not mean one caused the other.

That's an interesting question. I have long had an issue with sugar making me feel nauseous. I am insulin resistant, though not diabetic, but doctors say that has nothing to do with it. It applies to fruit sugars as well, no OJ or similar but I can eat a little fruit as long as its after a full meal not on an empty stomach. Never thought it might be the fibro.

I’ve had fibro for over twenty years and I often feel sick and sometimes I am . It drives me crazy . There are lots of silly problems with fibromyalgia one morning I woke up couldn’t stand on my left leg it lasted a couple of days and then went as fast as it came. The doctor put it down to fibromyalgia. It’s been fine since. I have learnt to take everything fibro throws at you try and be calm . It’s hard when you are first diagnosed.When I was first diagnosed my then GP sent me to a psychiatrist that told me to stop the medication the pain specialist had given me as it’s all in the brain which my GP agreed with. I hope you are feeling better sometimes stress makes you feel sick which is also related to fibromyalgia. Try not to worry . Take care and rest.


this would not be a symptom we would put with fibro, Some do get nausea from meds etc. It is something that should be checked with GP sooner rather than later.

Hi, I suffered from acid reflux for many years, then I had an operation called a Nissan Fundopulation. It simply tightens your wind pipe to stop acid coming back up. It's the best thing I have ever had done. Anyone who suffers from this knows how dibilitating it can be. Recently I found that after eating even a small meal I have a coughing fit not for long but none the less a coughing fit. I guess it's just another syptom of fibro we must endure.

General hugs. Xx🌷

I have IBS, which makes me dreadfully unsociable in confined spaces! I found after a while that I would get a big pain after certain meals, and would need to throw up to ease it. I was told it was a diagnostic point for Cholycystitis (Gall bladder Inflammation) and I needed my gallbladder removed.

It was a relief to get rid of it! Nowadays I have an intolerance to gluten, fortunately mild. so I just have to lay off too much bread, cakes, pies, pastries and porridge, as they now make me nauseous. I also have to be fairly Low fat because of the gallbladder, although it hasn't slowed me down much.

Cheers, Midori

Gastric problems are common such as IBS, if you are on non steroidals make sure take something to protect stomach.

I ended up with ulcers after painkillers.

Could also be a completely unrelated thing of course.

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