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My favourite rose!


This is the first bloom off my Ena Harkness old rose, it has the most heavenly scent and a beautiful form! It’s only problem is that it’s not very resistant to black spot, apart from that a lovely rose to grow!

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Beautiful, Zoonie!!

Well I did a paint by numbers the other day , took me all night and then I deleted by mistake 👎doh 😂

That is really beautiful Mr. Zoonie😍

What a beautiful rose xx


I can smell the rose 😀

It’s a beautiful old variety. I’ve just treated myself to some new roses, one of which is already flowering - look up “twice in a blue moon “ 🥰

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That looks rather nice, a couple of mine are getting very woody now so really need replacing, I’ll put that one down in my notes! Another nice blueish one is a Floribunda called ‘Blue for you’ from David Austin, another nice scented rose!

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I am lucky and live very near Beales. I did a short list and got some lovely roses. Louis XIV, Roundelay, Arthur Bell and Twice in a Blue Moon. One I really wanted but couldn’t get as they were sold out was Claude Monet 😥. They are all highly scented repeat flowering varieties. Lovely plants and very helpful staff. I will investigate Blue for you - thank you 😊

One of my favourites too, along with Peace, and a Climber called Handel. All beautifully scented.

I prefer the older type roses, I don't like the modern ones which look like cabbages! For me,the perfume of a rose is the thing I'm most drawn to.

Cheers, Midori

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Me too, we’ve got a Peace but it’s gone quite woody despite heavy pruning for a couple of years - one for replacing; Handel is lovely, unfortunately we can’t have climbing roses in our garden, I’ve got a couple of hops and a couple of Honeysuckles, no room for anything else! If I had I would have had Ena Harkness climber from David Austin roses!

Thats really beautiful. It reminds me of when I used to go to the rose gardens when i was little and sniff every varity of rose they had, happy memories

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