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My experience with fibermyalgia


Me and my disease do stand on alternative therapies. I enjoy sauna and steam rooms and it helps. Diet is very important too. Fresh air and nature. No junk food or being over-weight. Positive thinking no matter what the established medicine declares. Will-power to do all above listed things too.

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Love your positive attitude, it's what keeps me going!

I try and stay as positive and as stress free as possible, easier said than done at times though. I've just had a hellish couple of days, when I was unable to do anything, the pain was unbearable but I just kept telling myself, "It is temporary, lets think what you would like to do when this has passed, lets make a SMART goal".

Keep up the positive work people, don't be too hard on yourself and remember to be kind to yourself.

Stay safe, keep well and be strong.

I agree with you. I find steam room and jacuzzi helps and relaxation techniques. Being outdoors does as well. Unfortunately I can't walk much due to bulging disc and i am struggling to lose weight.

I am really missing being able to go the gym and spa due to this pandemic.

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