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High ferritin?


Hi everyone,

Got recent blood test results from GP who said my ferritin was high and she wants to do a tranferrin saturation test to make sure its not iron overload. Apparently iron overload can cause same symptoms as PA (although not diagnosed myself it does run in my family) and fibromyalgia (diagnosed 2013), eg neuro pain, muscle aches, fatigue, brain fog etc.

Has anyone else heard of this?

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Ivr heard if it . You are having the right tests .

All you can do is wait for the tests to be completed

It takes time to work it all out.

Keep Persevering until you get to the bottom of things

Yes my mom had it

I’ve sent you a private message

Hi GladsGirlBlue, I have had fibro, for 10 years. I was told I had Hemochromatosis, an iron overload, last September. I had an iron test and a generic test, which said, my parents, were carriers. The symptoms can be chronic fatigue, leg and hands joint pains, skin colour changes, heart and liver problems and more. The trouble is some symptoms, are same as fibro. I have more tiredness than before and have leg and knuckles pain all the time. Before the lock down I had to go to hospital for my blood to be taken each two weeks, a pint, this is how they treat this condition. Hope you get your test, and find out. They can treat this if you find you have it. Keep well and safe. Karen.

Thank you for your reply. I think this is what doc is concerned about, that some symptoms are the same for both conditions. Will ask her about gene testing as well. Sue

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