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New fibromyalgia info for me


Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing ok. I'm new here.

Had an appointment today with my pain management consultant and he said I have borderline fibromyalgia, is that a thing?

I have been battling with chronic pain for years it has started impacting my life a lot more at home and at work to the point where I have now gone down to 4 days a weeks.

Any advice would be great, who is the person to diagnose?

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I had mine diagnosed by rheumatology and GP after 10 years of unexplained chronic pain and fatigue. I have some other chronic pain/spinal problems too which maybe is why it took so long to diagnose.

Borderline is a funny way of them phrasing it tbh... everyone who has fibro suffers in their own unique ways, for some they manage every day, work full time and have "normal" lives seemingly, just hidden pain. Other suffers are bed bound by fibro... so really there is a scale and everyone is somewhere on it I think. And it is not for anyone else to really say where on that scale you are... only you know your pain and how you feel...

I have found great comfort from joining this support group. Both for advice and support.

It's a community of people who really understand you and listen and except you and your symptoms and try to help.

I hope that you are feeling ok today, be kind to yourself and take care xxx

Hey Backbracelady,

Thank you so much for your response. I totally agree with you, when he said it i did ask him what that means he said it's not stopping you from doing much :/ I explained my situation and all the therapy I've had that's had no impact and this has been going on for years he still remained at borderline. I thought it's something you either have or don't, I feel more confused.

He said he'll write to my GP.

I feel so stuck, as I feel no one is really helping.

I will definitely continue to read the posts on here I am finding them helpful.

Thanks again and I hope you are well too :)

Unfortunately it seems to happen to a lot of people, where there isn't a test for fibro...

Also what one health care worker says about "it's not stopping you doing much" is such a stupid thing for them to have said!!! What the hello do they know about your entire life and how much it has changed over time or even your life yesterday!!!

Hopefully your GP will be more understanding about fibro! There is meds for it... neuro drugs that can help... pain relief at least! Push GP to put it as a diagnosis.

I have also had lots of therapies that haven't worked and taken meds that don't work.. unfortunately there is no quick fix, it's about experimenting with what works for you...

I now take a whole regime of pills and heat patches and use crutches to walk and a back brace and a hip support.

I manage wo work full time from home at the moment, but 4 months ago I was working full time, driving and seeing clients..

Here for you xx

I at to cut down to 3 shifts a week 7 till 1 shifts a week but now it's got that bad I am purely struggling on verge giving my job up x


Hi you need to see a Rhumatologist never heard of borderline except personality but you more than likely have fibromyalgia I hope you get on the right pain management which helps u asap x

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They diagnosed me with fybiomalger by orthopedic specialist they sent it all to my gp but ent had know pain management and fatigue is mega bad all want to do is sleep and I feel exhausted and drained and loads more just want them give somethink for my energy I'll be happy then lol x


I have never, ever heard that expression before. You either have fibromyalgia or you don't. xx

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I had that term used to me early on, it was when the points didn’t quite meet their criteria but were close enough to say that - it took them another year to say that I most likely had Fibromayalgia and/or Myofascial pain syndrome.


You either have fibromyalgia or you don't. I can understand them using the term borderline when the tender point test was used (ie you had 10/18 rather than 11/18) however the tender point test is no longer recommended as part of the diagnosis process.

And whether it has a mild or major impact on what you are able to do, if you meet the criteria for fibromyalgia and other possible causes have been excluded - it's still fibromyalgia xxx


There a lot of medical practitioners who don't know too much about fibromyalgia. In the UK we seem a little behind other countries...

My diagnosis was from a spine specialist, the other from the rheumatoid specialist..

Speak to your GP about pain medication if you need it... Don't take No for an answer...

Good luck

Thank you all for responding, I really appreciate all your support.

I have been prescribed gabapentin in the past that just made me ill like most meds. When I was in Trinidad I had the worst bout of pain I had ever had to the point I couldn't get out of bed... my mother-in-law took me to the doctor and he prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants which seemed to work well together.

The consultant I saw yesterday said he'd talk to my GP about prescribing something similar because my GP said the meds i was prescribed in Trinidad can't be prescribed here (he didn't even look for an alternative)

I'm finding it very hard to get help from professionals and its driving me crazy.

Sorry for the rant xx

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