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Such an important day


Dear all, in case any one has forgotten today is so important as your vote is needed. If you are undecided or confused its easily understandable with all thats been going on with the media.

you have up to 10.00 pm to vote.

I hope that I havn't offended anyone today as you have all been so helpful to me. Thank you xxx

Admin Edit: Edited to remove promotion of a party. Encouraging to vote is ok but recommending any party is too near political discussion

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I'm not voting had enough of the lot of them sue ,will try watch it though

I am voting. Don’t know what good it will do though. Fed up of turning the news on as that’s all we hear about now!

Voted first thing to avoid going out in the rain :)

I have only voted once in my lifetime and that was in the referendum since I dont trust any of them I am not prepared to go out and get wet thru, what will be will be!

Me neither 👍😃

What’s the point, look where it’s got us so far 👎

Corbyn and Johnson lol

Tempted not to but then remember the fight of the suffragettes to get votes for women so will be going along later

I strongly believe in voting as especially for women some died and were tortured in order to give us the vote and many people in other countries would do anything to have our freedom to vote for who we want to.. I have a severe chest infection as well as innumerable other problems and have got off my sick bed to vote. Have to be honest I was totally undecided as none of the promises ring true but hope I have picked the best of a bad bunch. Must admit I am having postal votes from now on as the short journey has knocked me for six.x

I live right across the road from a pooling station and i lived here since 2001 and have seen a few elections and today is the busiest I have ever seen it

I must admit I'm really disheartened with all of them but I felt that I had to get out and vote. The voting station was at the end of the road from me so I didn't have far to go, they even gave me a seat until I felt that l was ready to make for home,

Gentle hugs Rosie ⛄🤶🎅

I didn't have the option to vote. I live in the Isle of Man so we aren't given a vote but the UK politics does affect us in a huge way. Extremely frustrating

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