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Hair dryer issues


I'm looking for a light weight hair my arms get very heavy and achey and feel like the muscles are burning. I'm thinking that maybe if I had a light weight hair dryer, I could actually dry my hair longer than I can at the moment... resulting in less stress and better hair condition 😁 does anyone have any suggestions please?

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A few weeks ago, someone put a post on about using a travel hairdryer as they were so much lighter.

I have two dryers a bigger more powerful one for use on my "better" days and if I have to wash my hair when I am having a flare or my hands and arms are particularly painful I use a small, lightweight travel dryer it takes that bit longer but certainly helps. I also tend to use one of those microfibre hair drying towels to take out all the excess moisture and then wrap it in a normal towel whilst carrying on with other things so the actual drying process is cut down to the minimum. I also had my hair cut above my shoulders so there is less hair to dry.x

Hi. I had the same problem and last year I bought a hairdryer brand Parlux.

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bobbybobb in reply to Hidden

That might be the one for me I have long hair so need a light weight with high output. I'll have a look at that.

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bobbybobb in reply to Hidden

Thanks I'll have a look.

Mydexter in reply to Hidden

Wow, thanks Teesey- Weesey ? you”ll know who I mean lol 😉

Sounds good to me

I gave up with hairdryers yonks ago for the same reason too heavy and with calcific tendonitis in shoulders impossible to use. Now sport a very short haircut which is dry with a quick rub of a towel. Hope you find something to suit.

I’ve been thinking about this too. There are hairdryers with stands that I’ve seen. Try online with the usual searches, I’m sure you’ll find one. Nic xx

I have been using travel hair dryers for around 20years now since I was dx with fibromyalgia they have got so much better recently with decent amount of power without the weight. My current one is a GHD travel hairdryer which also has three heat settings.

My wife uses a travel hairdryer as they are so much lighter. Myself I use a squeegee as there is no hair to worry about. Lol.


I have the same problem. I think a travel hair dryer works well.

I had the same problem & after doing some research I found for me that it was worth paying the money for the Dyson. I like & try to keep my hair looking nice (probably the only good thing going for me). It normally takes me ages to do my hair as I have very curly hair too but I can get it a lot straighter in half the time with the Dyson & it doesn't take me long to run the straighteners through after. Good hairdryer & good set of straighteners means I can get away with doing my hair once a week. Sometimes even go a few days over. It also takes me half the time to do it too.

I've seen Dyson for over £ there cheaper ones?

Hi I bought a travel hair dryer for same reason couldn't hold my arms up iv short hair so travel one great for me .

Dontdrinkthewater I managed to get a special sucker cup for my hairdryer x it sticks to a mirror so you don’t have to hold the hairdryer. X

MdaisyAdministrator in reply to Crafty65

That's a good idea...... someone should invent a holder/stand that attaches to the mirror for hairdryers :) There may be one I haven't looked in magazines for the disabled who feature mobility aids etc......

TempleofDoom in reply to Mdaisy

Hi Mdaisy. My husband has made a hairdryer holder for me just by using a thick bendy cable attached to a clamp which clamps to a bookcase in our bedroom. 🙄 I was hoping to find a new one with a stand!! My present dryer has 2 setting only - burn 😡your head or freeze 🥶 your scalp. The warm setting doesn’t work. ☹️. I remember my Dad buying my Mum a hairdryer in the 60’s that had a stand. It was brilliant. Nic xx

Crafty65 in reply to Mdaisy

Mdaisy mine was from Kleeneze but don’t think they still around now unfortunately x

I don’t use one too heavy for my wrists I dry naturally and I’ve a good old roller for my fringe lol and I’ve long hair.

MdaisyAdministrator in reply to Nuttyshirlz

I let mine dry naturally too ;)

Hi it was me that posted about using a travel hairdrier I now have a Conair Vagabond, enough power to dry hair but not too heavy.


I hear Dyson hairdryer is light and powerful but it's so expensive ...... out of my price range :(

The Dyson hair dryer is very lightweight it's the one I use

Hi Dontdrinkthewater, I use a hot brush as I can't use a hairdryer, even the travel ones are difficult to raise above my head, I tilt my head down a bit so I don't raise my arms too much ❤❤

My daughter is a hairdresser and has brought herself a dyson they are around£400 but she says it is lighter which helps the pain in her shoulders and it dries quicker than her normal one which has made a difference to how she feels at the end of the day drying lots of people’s hair so maybe if you can afford it a dyson might be the one for you

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