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My name is Alice l am 47years old and I am new. I am so glad l can relate to someone online about my experiences with my health. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Poly arthralgia in 2012 and l was bedbound for 4years which led to me gaining weight from size 12 to size 20 because of meds. I have 4kids my son 22 and three daughters who are 17, 13 and 12. I am on quite a lot of medication. Fibromyagia changed my life in many way. Sometimes l feel so alone. I have a very supportive hubby. He really takes care of me. he makes sure my condition does not stop me from being a mum wife and he makes sure we go out as much as possible. I have good days and bad days. I am so grateful that l have made it this far as it is so difficult at times. It would lovely to chat to others who are also going through the same as me.

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Hello Alice and welcome to our gang.

In the words of the late and great Michael Jackson, “You are not alone “

We understand just what you’re going through and I bet there isn’t a single emotion that most or even all of us hasn’t felt at some time.

It’s fantastic that you have gone from being bed and house bound for so long, to getting out and about regularly.

That must have taken great strength and determination, as it’s all too easy to stay in a comfort zone.

I hope that your story will inspire others who have struggled long term.

Probably all of us have had periods of time when things have been so bad that we’ve had to stay home - but 4 years?!! Wow !!

No one here has judged or challenged me

since I joined this forum a few months ago. Understanding and acceptance has helped me to find my voice and rediscover my sense of humour.

It’s great that you, like me, have a supportive husband and family- I’m grateful and believe that gratitude for what we have really helps improve our positivity and mental health.

I’m also very grateful that I found this site and ‘met’ so many lovely people. It has changed my life.

Enough serious stuff now!

Sending you a gentle welcoming hug 🤗

Jan xx

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