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paying the price


Hi everyone , hope every1 is as well as can be . I have started my fibro classes but im not sure their going to make much of a difference . I have been doing those excercises at home for quite a while now or though meeting the new people has been nice . Its the sitting for an hour talking about things i already no but what im really disgusted with is the price of a parking ticket at the hospital. It nearlly cost me £4 pounds to park for an 1hour and 45 mins , its extaution !! How do these parking companies get away with charging people and most are poorly people these silly prices . It blows my mind !!

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I agree with you, I think hospital parking charges are a disgrace. I know the hospitals have to raise money somehow but the charges are OTT. Other countries don't charge and I believe parking charges were banned at hospitals in Wales. It's not as tho anyone goes to hospital for fun !

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