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I have just finished the course and I'm afraid it diddnt work for me it has shown me why I'm like I am past history of abuse and a survivor as a young child of the aberfan disaster . But couldn't help me with the pain aspect but I'm on second week of activate your life and this is dealing more with the mindfulness which I have found helpful it's being held by psychiatric nurses and it is a free course it's well worth doing if you can find a course near you . In Jan they starting a mindfulness course and a chair ti chi course I'm already on the list to do both lol I will try anything to control the pain I know it's not going away but I need to be in control . The new course activate your life helps you deal with surfing the pain not fighting it I've always tried to push through it life has to go on things need to be done etc plus my ex husband diddnt want to understand how the pain was making me feel he said I enjoyed Ill health and should move to lose weight not be selfish and stop when the pain took over . It's made me understand more and I can relate to a lot of the things it's not got rid of the pain but I feel more in control . Xxxx

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Sounds like an interesting course but a shame you feel it hasn't worked for you.

Glad to see he is an"ex" husband. My partner struggled to understand what I go through so I left him. We now spend weekends together and he is trying hard to be supportive. I get the good bits - he helps with shopping etc and we have a drive out but I don't have his washing, ironing, cooking etc to do.

Married him at 17 things appeared to be fine we had ups and downs like everyone but when I injured my back in work things changed I couldn't do the things I used too . I was very active helped him on the roof knocking walls down mixing plaster and cement for him to finish our house I did all the decorating as well as single handedly bringing up 3 kids holding down a full time night nursing job on a busy trauma unit which is how I ended up like I am . The neurosurgeon told him I could no longer be expected to climb ladders or mix cement by hand etc as well as nursing was out of the question . They put me on DLA so he wasn't upset at me losing money from working . But as the illness progressed I gained weight was in too much pain for intimacy that really annoyed him when he realised it was a long-term illness he said he's too young to be saddled with a cripple in a sexless relationship and if I diddnt shut my mouth and stop talking to people he would tell everyone what I was really like . After 40 years married we were divorced last September . I will never let anyone control me tell me what I can wear or eat how many coffees I can drink in a day lol I have control of my own money and have my debit card and credit card in purse not locked up in his safe . I am free intend to stay that way lol even bought myself a clogae ring from Samuels yesterday I have always wanted one my son who looks after me said you can't take it with you enjoy yourself buy something you like have your hair done you don't need permission off anyone . Lucky to have him lol he's not like his dad at all .

Hope you get the benefits .parts of the courses you can benefit and some you may not fancy .i been on a few im the opposite i cannot and strugge with mindfullness but other parts helped.mindfullness did help a lot of people though.i would always recommend theses courses if available to give ago. Hope your pain improves

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