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Atos disgracefully


Well just brought my partner to the atos office's for her assessment on arriving at the center was told by security that you cant park in disable bay as its private land and atmos as no disability bays and as in pictures showing where told go in bay 28 only look at pictures this is disgusting cant even get out of the car security's been over park here or leave

This is absolutely disgracefully as disabled person i cant get out my car outside atos

Thoughts PLEASE

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I can't understand why they don't have disabled bays. You would think it would be common sense, when they know they are going to be assessing disabled people.

johnboythorn in reply to M0AL61

Its disgraceful and the security guard was so nasty and symphony or care that telling you go in bay with cars so close you cant get out able body person never mind disabled person atmos

Was told you cant use disabled bays because there private and atmos dont own them what joke

Sounds about right. The insanity of ATOS and like firms. They don't need to be reasonable. Indeed watching you squirm n react is all part of the process. 😂 Not nice hey? Been going on for years despite being asked to make improvements 🤔

I bet those abled bodied ATOS workers are using them !!

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