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Sick of fighting my demons night after night and letting them win. Got to be strong for my mum and the people who love me even though half the time I think they don't. There's got to be hope somewhere. We all gotta fight. Love and hugs to all you battlers out there. Focus on the little positives you achieve each day. The smile from a stranger, a hello, the light coming from the window, the colours of the changing leaves. See, hear and touch. Use your senses even though everything seems senseless. There's always something. There's got to be. Don't know who in trying to convince, but so who's i got to believe I might someday achieve my dreams....ramblings of a mixed up loopy lady. Xxxx

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Hi. Look for the joy. You're right, it's the only thing we can do. Hope your day is filled with many smikes

Hi Julie just keep fighting not for other people but for your self it doesn't mean you're not being selfish it's just you need to be able to stand back and take a very deep breath and just give your self time to build your wall to keep the the dark places at bay. if you don't you will be like me you're find it hard to get out of those dark and horrible dark places. I hope you will manage to keep a little light in your life for your self. take care and i hope you can stick the damm demons back in their box ,

Hi Juliea, Totally understand and "Demons" is the right word for Fibromyalgia it really is a curse and steals away your life. When I get to my wits end I try to do what you have said and see the beauty in everything and appreciate the small things but it is so hard at times and we have to keep on fighting everyday ,people just don't realise and I appreciate there are thousands worse off. Pain every single day is exhausting and makes you feel worthless at times but we struggle on. Thanks for those words of wisdom keep well hugs x

Some days the words flow like leaves falling from the trees in autumn. Today everything is a battle. Tomorrow...who knows. One day at a time, they say, pace yourself. You try, but sometimes the whirlingt turbulence of others throws you so out of control, you don't know where you'll land. Hope tmrw is a good day for me, for you and for us all. Stay strong and enjoy those rare moments of stillness. Xxxx

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