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Anxiety rising!


I have a long awaited appt tomorrow at Bath hospital for Rheumatic diseases to see a rheumatologist. I've had steroid injections by the bucket load painkillers physio acupuncture you name it but nothing has helped. I'm 55 and can't do my job any more, it's very physical and quite dangerous as I work with chemicals. I'm off sick at the moment but I really hope I can retire early through ill health as my pain levels are off the dial most days. My right hand shakes badly and the fatigue wipes me out.

I really hope the rheumatologist can help me as my GP has as good as washed her hands of me 😭

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Good luck with your appointment xx

I know how u feel do not feel alone I hope u get the answers u need tomorrow keep us up to date take care


I meant to reply to this post, got confused😂 and you haven’t been yet. So I hope it goes well, let us know!

Hope your appointment goes well. Just tell the doctor all the things you have mentioned here. Please let us know how you get on, take care xxx

Hello Hollypop66

Gosh you've done so well to get to this stage!

At 55 I sincerely hope you do get what you deserve, medical retirement! It's not just all the physical things it's the anxiety and psychological aspects too. Surely they will see all this.

I wish you the best of luck with it X

I got my diagnosis of fibro from a rheumatologist who works at Bath Hosputal for Rheumatic Diseases, tho I had to see her at the Bath Clinic, by the university.

She was very thorough, though the letter sent to my GP had a couple of minor errors, luckily nothing medical ! Not sure I can give her name on here but I'd say it was a Polish sounding surname.

Goid luck with your appointment, I hope you get some answers. I would write down any questions you want to ask as it's easy to forget them at the time.

Hi, I hope all goes well for you, I had my appointment a few months ago and basically all he said was that it was nothing to do with rheumatology but Fybro and signed me off, great help!

I hope yours is better for you but everyone is different. Go in there knowing what you want out of the meeting, be strong and in control and the one who shouts loudest gets!!!

Good luck and gentle hugs 😄

I wish I could say that acupuncture helped, but it didn't. Actually, it sent me into a flare that lasted several days. Some people may do well with it. That was just my experience. I've found some small relief by cutting way back on sugar, cutting gluten altogether and cutting all forms of drinks except water and stevia sweetened lemonade and tea. I take lots of standard process raw minerals and vitamins, I do yoga like stretches regularly, and of course I go to a pain center for prescription pain meds. Fibro is a constant battle. I hope your rheumy can help you. Gentle hugs!

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