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Becoming a joke and fighting battle

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So been put in support group for ESA and then get letter through from blue badge saying I don’t meet the assessment report says how bad I am but they say I don’t qualify so restricting my out and about more!! How many of this group don’t go out due to the thought of where you have to park to get to supermarket or somewhere knowing it will wipe you out?

S x

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Hi sonya thats good about ESA .pity about badge .you could APPEAL and try again and show your medical report as evidence if you got support group on the mobility criteria im sure they would look at it.have you applied for PIP that gets badge automatically

No that’s next battle as I got 6 points on mobility so got to do change of circumstances form and going to send copy of pain clinic letter and this esa letter with it as evidence......just phoned blue badge and had a go asking why they even bothered calling me to ask questions when they were going to refuse me anyway as not got mobility component on pip as yet? The guy has fibro himself and said he understands but the new criteria is so strict now x

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