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What do i do when the pain is at it's worse


I am struggling at the moment with jaw problems, constant pain in random places, burstitus and severe depression. If i walk to far it hurts. If i sit too long i am stiff and it hurts so much to get moving. I work full time so my life is a living hell as I live on my own and need to pay my bills. I am overweight and binge eat to take my mind off the pain. Alongside this I have personality disorder so my head feels so messed up. It is driving me insane so I am crying out for whatever help. Any advice would be so much appreciated. Xx

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I've not got any advise... but sympathizing, as this is just how I feel at the moment x


Hi Bambi - I live in the US, but I understand that there are services / people you can talk to here on HU. I can't find it, but the administrator should be able to help you get to those folks... Here's hoping you start to feel better soon..

Hi Bambi

This is how I felt when I had PMR, for this I took steroid which was the only medication that worked. I now have fibromyalgia, I don't take steriods anymore, and when in a fibro flare none of my prescribed medications work .

I do sympathise, do you have a local fibro group?

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