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Keeping strong


Hi lovely

I completely understand what your saying. I try to keep strong. My 2 wonderful daughters understand how I'm feeling but my husband even though he is fantastic sometimes gets frustrated and doesn't seem to grasp how hard fibr o is for us sufferers. I get a bit frustrated with him and yesterday was a prime example. He had been moaning that the driveway needed weeding. He asked my daughters boyfriend if he could do it but as teenagers it didn't happen. So because I felt like I was having a good day i would do it to stop the moaning. Luckily we have a low walk around driveway so I could sit down for most of it. But as we all know come about 3 yesterday afternoon i was paying for doing it. He then had a moan because I was just say and resting. Don't get me wrong he is great and is working 6 says aweek. I try to do as much as I can and (try to keep strong) but it was a very rough weekend. Sorry for the long post but I know I can have a moan on here and only you lovely guys can see it.

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Hi, my family are great too & say they understand, but then things don't get done so I feel guilty & try to do it myself only to cause myself more pain & go into sloth mode! Then they say "you shouldn't have & you only have to ask...", but tidying up after yourself is common sense to me! Don't apologise for getting it off your chest on here, we all understand completely & it echoes our lives x

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