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What’s coursing my pain ?


Hi I’m not sure if I have fibromyalgia, I have pain in my shoulder I can’t even undo my bra it’s that bad , I also had pain in my knee and hip and also my neck it’s alwAys on my right side I keep going doctors but they can’t find what it is I’m awaiting results on an X-ray for my shoulder I take naproxen but it doesn’t help been told it’s not arthritis I get tired easy and have trouble remembering things

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I had problems with the bursa in my left shoulder a few years back and the dr. gave me in steroid shot in the back of my left shoulder. It worked wonders and zapped the pain. I couldn't sleep good at night because every time I roller over I was in severe pain. I did get bras with hooks in the front and that helped.

Hi....sorry you are hurting so much. I had a bad shoulder 20 years ago and couldn't put things in cupboards and lower my arm without great pain. I even bought a brace. Dr. was going to give me cortizone shot but said I'd hate her at first. Three yr. old grand daughter wanted up on the exam table too so I used my foot to raise her. I decclined the shot but never got around to wearing the brace that had magnets too. Suddenly pain was good. So odd. Grand daughter has 2 little boys now and I can't lift them but it's more weakness than pain. Then for quite awhile a knee would hurt and give out. Solution....cane. That's fibro....you just don't know what will hit. Toes are cramping now and yesterday got hit with IBS. It keeps you guessing, that's for sure. Sight and hearing affected too....much fatigue. A good muscle cream might help you. I got a natural nerve blocker liquid and that helps with burning and tingling hands from nueropathy and severe carpal tunnel....a pres. one for itching. It goes on and on. I have Epstein Barr virus which causes more fatigue so I must rest. I hope you find a solution to your pain and hope it goes away to play another day.

M.A. in USA

Hi it sounds like a trapped nerve in your neck if you can Handel it go try an acupuncer or maybe a chiropractor with fibromyalgia it effects your nerves so some where there is a problem and maybe if they find out where it comeing from can help with your pain keep on at your doc as they should try and find where this is all comeing from other wise you become like me out of site out of mind and get no help but I just got feed up with the lot of them so looked into things that was going to help me on my own and I am getting there I have good days and bad but I am so much better than I was so must be doing something right take care hope gets better and you find out what it is that's messing you up all the best x

Thanks for your reply’s and help gonna see what comes back on my X-ray and go back drs see what he’s says x

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